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Learn about the top 10 free training courses at Udemy

BingMag.com Learn about the top 10 free training courses at Udemy

Udemy is one of the most well-known e-learning platforms in the world, offering more than 155,000 training courses. Courses in Yodemi are divided into two categories, free and paid. In this article, we will introduce the top 10 free courses of this online academy.

Before introducing the courses, you will be familiar with the method of accessing Yodemi online courses. Please:

  • Select the topic you want.
  • Use the iodine menu to access the Categories section.
  • Enter the appropriate keyword Look for the period you want in the search bar.
  • On the Search Results page, click the All Filters button.
  • Select the Free option from the available filters.

After completing the above steps, it only takes a few minutes to select the best ones from the displayed courses according to the score and the number of participants. You can also get help from a video preview to get acquainted with the teaching style of the course instructor. Also, do not forget the comments section. In this section, users sometimes share useful information about the quality of the course.

Based on these criteria, we have compiled the best free courses for you, many of which are related to technology:

1. Programmimg 101: Before Programming

BingMag.com Learn about the top 10 free training courses at Udemy

As a novice, you can use this free course Test your brain logically. This course does not teach you any of the programming languages, but it does introduce you to the best programming tips.

Introductory topics in this course can help you meet the challenges ahead./p>

2. Introduction to Python Programming: Learn programming with Python

BingMag.com Learn about the top 10 free training courses at Udemy

Machine is one of the hot topics these days that has made many people interested in it. But you can not enter this field without programming knowledge. In the free Introduction to Python Programming course, you can learn the basics of learning Python. p>

Also, this language has a lot of flexibility, and even if you do not want to enter the field of machine learning, you can use it to develop desktop or web applications.

Advantage of the free Introduction to Python course Programming means that in addition to being free, you can start learning it without any programming experience.

3. Welcome to Artificial Intelligence (introductory Course): learning artificial intelligence

BingMag.com Learn about the top 10 free training courses at Udemy

artificial intelligence is like machine learning It is one of the most popular technologies today that is slowly finding its way into the lives of all of us. With the help of the Welcome to Artificial Intelligence beginner course, people who have no technical skills in this field can easily get acquainted with this field.

Of course, there are many videos for learning about artificial intelligence on YouTube, but the free course Our discussion at Yodmi introduces you to the structures and paves the way for future learning. You can finish this course in less than an hour.

Introduction to Data Science Using Python: Learning Data Science (Data Analysis)

BingMag.com Learn about the top 10 free training courses at Udemy

Data science with Also known as data analysis, it is a tool for extracting patterns from big data. Data analysis has in common with artificial intelligence and machine learning; Because intelligent algorithms are designed to learn more about the world around us.

If you want to become a data analyst, you need to master a set of skills including mastering Python, R Hadoop, and SQL.


5. Cloud Computing With Amazon Web Services: Introduction to Cloud Computing

BingMag.com Learn about the top 10 free training courses at Udemy

Amazon Web Services are at the forefront of cloud services . Amazon has prepared training courses with end-of-course certificates with the aim of teaching practical skills for cloud space management to large companies.

Among the skills that Amazon has provided for learners are space architecture. Cloud, Container and Docker technology, cloud backup and recovery are mentioned.

But this free course should be seen as the first step in learning the basics. To understand this course more easily, your basic knowledge of computers should be acceptable. Also, the course instructor holds live question and answer sessions every weekend.

6. Introduction to Databases and SQL Querying: Learning SQL

BingMag.com Learn about the top 10 free training courses at Udemy

Data analyst who knows nothing about QSQL It will not go anywhere. Databases play a key role in today's businesses.

SQL, or "structured query language", is a way of talking to databases. With the help of SQL, you can track your data and have your own personal report instead of relying on the organization's technology department. You can even use SQL in Microsoft Excel.

The free course introduced in Yodmi is an introductory course that introduces you to the concepts of database and SQL. In this course, you will also learn about SQL queries and how to extract data from a database. This course is suitable for people who have no knowledge of SQL.

7. Javascript Essentials: Learn your first programming language

BingMag.com Learn about the top 10 free training courses at Udemy

if you want to feel in a foreign land Take it easy, the easiest way is to learn the native language of that land. If you want to become a good web developer, you also need to learn JavaScript. These programming languages (along with Java and C ++) are the default languages. Course, improve your skills.

8. Introduction to Gane Development with Unity: Make a game

BingMag.com Learn about the top 10 free training courses at Udemy

Unity is one of the complete software for making games Is. An integrated development environment (IDE) such as Unity makes the process of developing video games much easier.

A more difficult solution is to learn programming languages such as Java and C ++ at an advanced level.


Unity, along with the code editor, provides you with many valuable features for developing video games to make the game production process even easier. Installation to control game subjects is familiar with coding. Programming experience can help you learn this course, but it is not a requirement for learning it.

9. The World of Design Thinking: Do not think closed

BingMag.com Learn about the top 10 free training courses at Udemy

Consider any industry you like With Design Thinking, you can improve its output. This method, sometimes referred to in Persian as design thinking, is in fact a way to solve a problem that tries to solve the problem by considering the target community, their problem, existing solutions, testing solutions and finally implementing them.

The 21-part The World of Design Thinking course will introduce you to the steps of finding needs, combining, brainstorming, modeling, and experimenting.

So far, more than 10,000 Learners have participated in this free Yodmi course. You may not have reached the stage of managing a large project yet, but you can use Design Thinking to model small projects to find meaningful solutions in your personal life.

10. Hyperthinking: Improve Your Day to Day Learning & Creativity: Improve Your Brain

BingMag.com Learn about the top 10 free training courses at Udemy

Hard Skills And soft skills are one of the topics of discussion in today's world. If you can not develop the necessary soft skills such as thinking and problem solving, you may face difficulties in your professional life.

Even technology-driven professions today need creativity and design thinking. Therefore, learning some of these skills will be essential to save your job and prevent us from being replaced by robots.

In an ever-changing world, this course can provide important mental tools. Let new methods help you form a solution and think about it. You can overcome challenges and increase your self-confidence with the help of these thinking tools.

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