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The leaked images show the appearance of AirPads Pro 2

BingMag.com The leaked images show the appearance of AirPads Pro 2

Apple unveiled some time before the third generation of AirPads with features such as longer battery life, surround sound and appearance similar to AirPads Pro, and now it's time to introduce AirPads Pro 2 arrives. The AirPads Pro series, Apple's flagship wireless airbags, offer features such as active noise canceling (ANC) and clear mode, the latter of which lets you hear the pervasive noise blocked by ANC.

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The AirPads Pro 2 is expected to be introduced by Apple next year. According to Bloomberg, due to the reduction of AirPads bases in the third generation, these bases may be completely removed in the second generation of AirPads Pro. Of course, this prediction has not been seen in any of the images attributed to the second generation of Apple stereo wireless airbags.

BingMag.com The leaked images show the appearance of AirPads Pro 2

AirPads 3 uses a skin-detection sensor, the lack of an optical sensor in images leaked from AirPads Pro 2 increases the likelihood of these images being accurate.

Like some people, you may be wondering if What are the holes similar to the speaker hole of the smartphone under the charging case of AirPads Pro 2? The source of the image disclosure has an interesting answer to this question.

BingMag.com The leaked images show the appearance of AirPads Pro 2

With the iOS 16 update, it offers a new Find My support feature for the AirPads Pro 2 and its case separately. Therefore, the speaker holes at the bottom of the case are designed to play an alarm sound so that the user can find the case more easily if it is lost. II rejects AirPads Pro, arguing that such a change would not apply to the design of AirPads Pro any time soon. While Apple wants to make the AirPads as compact as possible, removing the bases of the windshield may be a good solution, but it will also challenge Apple to find enough space to fit the various components used in the circuit.

So, although the Cupertinos are rumored to be testing a newer, more rounded-looking version of the AirPad Pro 12, the new design will probably never be used in the final version of the product.

It's unclear at this time what kind of changes Apple will make to the AirPads Pro 2, but most likely these changes to hardware specifications such as increased battery capacity and the use of a new chip to provide a better listening experience.

One of the visual changes mentioned in the leaked images is the addition of a metal retainer to attach the strap to the AirPads Pro 2 case. Apple has never used a strap holder in any of the generations of AirPads before, but it may be used as a new change in the next generation of AirPads Pro, which will be introduced next year.

At the time of its introduction, the AirPads 3 kept the price of the AirPads 2 stable ($ 129) and launched the third generation at $ 179. The AirPads Pro now retails for $ 249. But when the AirPads Pro 2 hits the market, we expect the price of the first-generation AirPads Pro to drop to $ 249 for the second-generation, or a little over $ 249 for the second-generation. In fact, Apple's goal is to present this family in three categories: "good", "better" and "best".

BingMag.com The leaked images show the appearance of AirPads Pro 2

Since the leaked images have not yet been officially confirmed (or denied) by Apple, they should not be viewed with 100% certainty. Usually, the closer we get to the introduction of a product, the more images and renderings of its appearance are published along with the product specifications, and given that the AirPads Pro 2 is expected to be introduced in March, it is better to access more detailed information by then. Let's be patient.

Source: Phone Arena

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