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The launch of Xiaomi's first electric car was delayed due to the Chinese government

BingMag.com The <b>launch</b> of <b>Xiaomi's</b> <b>first</b> <b>electric</b> <b>car</b> was <b>delayed</b> <b>due</b> to the <b>Chinese</b> government

As it seems, Xiaomi could not get the necessary permits from the Chinese government for the release of its first electric car, and as a result, it is said that its release will be It will be delayed.

It has been a long time since we heard that Xiaomi wants to produce and launch an electric car. Even for this purpose, the Chinese company has entered into cooperation with a company that produces these types of cars and has even built an assembly plant to produce its future cars. So it seems that the company's plans are quite serious, but apparently there is a problem in between.

We heard earlier that Xiaomi wants to unveil its first electric car soon. This case is quite serious because the company has decided to invest 10 billion dollars in this project over the next ten years and insists on it. But the situation is developing in such a way that it makes this process difficult and there is nothing Xiaomi can do because it has no control over it at all.

Currently, the car market in China, especially electric cars in It is booming now. But apparently this rapid prosperity has had a series of losses, the most important of which is saturation. The market filled with these cars and Xiaomi may not be able to attract the positive opinion of users as it should. However, we see that the Chinese company is determined to continue on this path to reach its goal.

But this is not the whole story. Although Xiaomi has all the facilities and prerequisites, it still needs to send enough documents and documents to Chinese government agencies to convince them that the company has sufficient financial resources as well as the technologies needed to make a car. electric is beneficial. The process of sending and verifying these documents will take several months, and this is exactly the issue that has delayed the release of Xiaomi's first electric car.

Xiaomi was supposed to officially start production from 2024 at best. Start your electric cars. The group that will build these cars consists of 1,000 personnel who are currently employed by Xiaomi. But if a license is not sent to the company by the government bodies, then nothing can be done and we have to wait and see what happens.

With Xiaomi's hand in hand, the saturated electric car market is in a much worse situation. and as a result, the Chinese company may not be able to persuade users to buy its cars as it wants. Xiaomi currently has a significant drop in smartphone sales and needs its new business badly to compensate for the losses to some extent. Naturally, the longer this process takes, the more the Chinese company will suffer. Now we have to see what happens and how long the process of sending and verifying the documents will take.

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