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The launch of the James Webb Space Telescope was again delayed due to a communication problem

The launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, which will be the most powerful human eye in space, has been delayed for several days, this time due to a communication problem with the operating launcher. This is a delay.

According to NASA, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) team is working on a communication problem between the observatory and the launcher system. Thus, the launch date will not be earlier than Friday, December 24 (January 3). The US Space agency also announced that more information on the flight would be available by Friday, December 17.

James Webb Telescope with Ariane 5 rocket by European launch company ArianaSpace (Arianespace) will be provided and supported, it will go into space. Engineers from the Guyana Space Center in Coru , France, mounted the Telescope on the Arian 5 rocket on Saturday (December 11th). James Webb is created. The James Webb launch was originally targeted for 2007.

The previous delay was announced just three weeks ago, when the Telescope retaining strap was inadvertently released, causing the assembly to vibrate. Following this incident, NASA changed the launch date to further investigate, and now, due to a new problem seen in the launcher communication system, the launch date has been postponed for at least 3 days.

Given the scientific complexity used in the James Webb Telescope and the impossibility of maintenance operations at the telescope's orbital distance, it is not unreasonable to consider all aspects with high sensitivity.

  • James Webb Space Telescope unharmed in recent crash

Cover Photo: The James Webb Space Telescope on Arian 5 is preparing to launch.
> Credit: NASA

Sources: NASA, Space

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