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The launch date of the James Webb Space Telescope has been announced

BingMag.com The launch date of the James Webb Space Telescope has been announced

Following the readiness of the James Webb Telescope suite, the launch date of this space observatory has been set for the last days of 2021.

According to NASA and the European Space Agency, the launch of the James Webb Space Observatory is currently scheduled for December 18, indicating a six-week delay from previous planning. The project's timing and costs, which have been planned since the 1990s, have steadily increased to $ 10 billion.

Gnther Hasinger, Director of Science at the European Space Agency "Now is the day that thousands of people have been working for years and millions of people around the world are waiting for," he said of the launch date. "Thanks to the efforts, Webb "And the Ariane 5 launcher is ready, and we look forward to the final preparation for launch in the European space port." It was predicted that this date would also change. NASA Director of Science Thomas Zurbuchen said in June that the launch schedule would seem too complicated. The European Space Agency's launch site in Guyana, France, has not been relocated, and estimates suggest it will take about 10 weeks from transfer to launch. According to the ESA statement, the Arian 5 rocket, which is responsible for launching the telescope, began its journey to French Guiana in South America in mid-August.

"Gregory L. "The Web is an exemplary mission and a demonstration of perseverance," said Gregory L. Robinson, director of NASA's James Webb program. Together we have overcome the technical barriers and challenges of the Corona epidemic. "We now have a telescope and a rocket ready to launch, and I look forward to the big day and its amazing scientific data." Reaching the second Lagrangian point (L2) will pass. Where the telescope can benefit from a relatively stable orbit "parking point" on the other side of the earth relative to the sun. This location is important for the telescope because it must be well protected from heat so that it does not interfere with the operation of its instruments in the infrared range.

According to the European Space Agency, the telescope instruments are two or three months after launch. They do not light up, and the telescope's main scientific activity will begin about six months after launch. Thus, we have to wait until 2022 to enlighten the eyes of the telescope to the world.

Cover Photo: Graphic design of the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope by the Arian 5 rocket ESA

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