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The largest simulation of the universe was made available for download

BingMag.com The largest simulation of the universe was made available for download

If you have enough space to have a huge amount of cosmic data, you can download the largest current universe simulation ever produced in high detail by scientists .

Astronomy is a little different from many other sciences because it deals with only one example: the world we can observe. So astronomers cannot study multiple worlds to fully understand the formation of our universe.

But they have the ability to create computer simulations of our universe. By modifying various aspects of their simulations, astronomers can see how things like dark matter and dark energy play a role in our world.

One of these simulations, with extremely high detail, is now available for download. Uchuu Computer Simulation is the largest and most accurate current simulation in the world. This simulation covers 2.1 trillion particles in space 9.6 billion light-years across.

BingMag.com The largest simulation of the universe was made available for download

Distribution of dark matter in Uchuu computer simulation of the universe
Credit: Ishiyama et. MNRAS

This simulation models the evolution of the universe over 13 billion years, but does not focus on the formation of stars and planets, but examines the behavior of dark matter in the expanding universe.

  • The largest map of dark matter was made with the help of artificial intelligence

The details of the Uchuu simulation are so high that the research team can do everything from From galaxy clusters to identify halos of dark matter in separate galaxies. Because dark matter makes up most of the universe, it is the formation of galaxies and clustering.

It takes a lot of computing power and storage space to create such a huge model. The team used more than 40,000 cores and 20 trillion hours of computing to create the simulation and generated more than 3 petabytes of data. However, using high-density compression, the research team was able to store their results in only 100 terabytes of computer space. Although it is still very large, it can be stored on a single drive. It is 5. inches. Definitely such storage would cost $ 40,000, but if you have that amount, why not use it to have the universe in your pocket?

BingMag.com The largest simulation of the universe was made available for download

100TB Nimbus Drive
Credit: Nimbus Data

But even if you can afford it Fortunately, the Uchuu team has provided free access to their raw data online. So you can explore anywhere in the world by visiting the Skys & Universities website.

Uchuu Simulation In addition to accurately modeling the universe, it can also be used by researchers working on scientific data. With large-scale sky mapping and further simulations, the data will become so large that data mining will play an important role in astronomical research. So as long as such data is available, data miners can hone their skills with the world they have in their pockets.

Cover Photo: Graphic Design of a Simulated World

Credit: Artur Debat/Getty Images

Source: Universe Today

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