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The largest particle accelerator on Earth was turned on after 3 years of blackouts

Scientists monitoring the largest and most powerful particle accelerator on Earth have turned it on after a three-year hiatus to solve some of the most complex physics puzzles. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a powerful particle accelerator at CERN near Geneva, Switzerland, on Friday, April 22 after a three-year shutdown for maintenance and refurbishment. May) was restarted. The reactivation of this collider started what scientists call "Run 3"; The third scientific implementation of the LHC, which will conduct experiments by 2024.

Mike Lamont, Director of CERN Accelerators and Technology, said: The CERN accelerator assembly underwent a major upgrade. "The LHC, for example, has undergone an extensive stabilization program and is now operating at even higher energies, and thanks to major advances in injector assembly, it will provide significant data to more advanced LHC tests."

These tests Newly defined LHC discoveries during implementation 1 (2009-2014) and implementation 2 (2015-2018). Proton beams fired in the opposite direction at an energy level of 450 billion electron volts. According to scientists, this is just a prelude to even higher energy levels, and the LHC, as soon as it reaches its astonishing goal of 13.6 trillion electron volts, will perform three activities.

"Rhodri Jones" "These rays circulated with the injected energy and had a relatively small number of protons," said the head of CERN's radiation department. High-intensity, high-energy collisions occur in a few months, but the first beams indicate a successful reboot of the accelerator after all the hard work during a long shutdown. The three-year LHC shutdown allowed scientists up to four Upgrade a key experiment on a particle accelerator. According to CERN, the Atlas (ATLAS) and CMS detectors (CMS) alone will receive more particle collisions than the sum of the previous two phases. A Toroidal LHC Apparatus detects small subatomic components due to particle collisions and is used to hunt the Higgs Boson, dark matter and extra dimensions. Compact Muon Solenoid is a versatile detector that uses a variety of systems for Atlas-like observations. In addition to ATLAS and CMS, the ALICE particle accelerator test for collisions The heavy ion will be able to detect 50 times more collisions thanks to the upgrade, while another device called the LHCb will triple its detection capability. "The unprecedented number of collisions allows international teams of physicists at CERN and around the world to study the Higgs boson in great detail, and the standard model of particle physics and "Various developments are subjecting it to the most rigorous experiments." SND @ LHC) will be activated during run 3 on the LHC. These experiments are expected to examine modern physics beyond the standard model and measure its frequency. Antimatter is expected to form during these experiments, and physicists will discover cosmic rays and a strange state of matter called quark-glaucoma plasma. gets ready. CERN officials say the scientific challenges are expected to begin in the summer.

As soon as run 3 is completed in 2024, CERN scientists will revisit it for another planned overhaul that includes further upgrades to the massive accelerator. The particles become, they will shut down. Upon completion, the upgrade will allow scientists to rename the LHC "a large, high-brightness hadron collider" after it reopens in 2028.

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Cover Photo: Large Hadron Collider after 3 years of closure
Credit: CERN

Source: Space

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