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Koo: Apple's augmented reality headset will be introduced in January 2023

Apple plans to introduce its augmented reality headset to users during an event in January 2023, according to Apple's well-known product analyst Ming Chi Koo.
  • Which Apple Gadgets Get iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and MacOS Ventura? And during that time many products were unveiled. From new operating systems to improving various applications and unveiling the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with new and powerful chips. But it's interesting to note that Apple CEO Tim Cook made no mention of Apple's augmented reality headset or when it was unveiled. In this regard, today Mr. Ko revealed the possible time of the unveiling of the Apple augmented reality headset by tweeting.

    BingMag.com <b>Koo:</b> <b>Apple's</b> <b>augmented</b> <b>reality</b> <b>headset</b> will be <b>introduced</b> in <b>January</b> 2023

    According to Mr. Koo, Apple will hold an event to introduce the augmented reality headset in January 2023, after which it will send tools to developers 2 to 4 weeks after the event. Pre-orders for the headset will also begin in the second quarter of 2023, and users will be able to purchase the headset before next year's Apple World Developers Conference.

    It should be noted that the headset is a combination of virtual reality (VR) And uses augmented reality (AR). augmented reality places data above real images. For example, Google Maps Live View AR trails use your phone's front-facing camera to show you where you are, and a layer of navigation directions with the name of the landmark is placed on top of it.

    Numerous reports have been published, each of which has given us good information about this product. For example, according to Ming Chi Koo, Apple's augmented reality headset will use the same 96-watt USB-C power adapter that came with the 14-inch MacBook Pro. He also stressed that the Apple headset will be equipped with two processors, including a 5-nanometer chip and a 4-nanometer chip, each made by TSMC.

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    Apparently, the three-dimensional sensors that Apple puts in its headset are designed to detect the slightest movement of the hands and fingers. Just as iPhone sensors can detect facial movements to create animations, Apple's augmented reality headset will be very careful in detecting hand gestures.

    BingMag.com <b>Koo:</b> <b>Apple's</b> <b>augmented</b> <b>reality</b> <b>headset</b> will be <b>introduced</b> in <b>January</b> 2023

    According to a report on The Information website, which claims to have seen a prototype of the device, buyers will receive a headset with at least 15 cameras at this price. These cameras will be used to collect data and track the user's eye movements. There have been several reports in the past that the augmented reality headset requires an iPhone connection to perform some processing tasks, but Mr. Koo said the chips that power the device will be able to handle heavy-duty tasks as well. According to rumors, two high-resolution 8K screens are used in this headset. But as usual, to save battery life and reduce the need for CPU performance, Apple will reduce the screen resolution in areas that are not considered by the user's environment.

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Source: Macrumors

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