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Key specifications of the Google Pixel Pipit clamshell phone were found in Geekbench

BingMag.com <b>Key</b> <b>specifications</b> of the <b>Google</b> <b>Pixel</b> <b>Pipit</b> <b>clamshell</b> <b>phone</b> <b>were</b> <b>found</b> in Geekbench

In November 2021, 9to5Google Media revealed that it had found Key information about a future Pixel clamshell codenamed "Pipit". Is. Now it seems that the important specifications of this Google clamshell smartphone have appeared on the Geekbench website, which could be good news for clamshell phone enthusiasts and Google users. Usually the appearance of smartphone information in Geekbench means that their manufacturers are conducting internal tests on these phones.

According to information published on Geekbench website, Google's Pipit clamshell smartphone from An octa-core chipset with a base frequency of 1.80 GHz is used as its beating heart. This source code indicates that there are four efficient cores clocked at 1.80 GHz. The processor also has two cores with a frequency of 2.80 GHz and two other cores with a speed of 2.5 GHz. Mali G78 GPU GPU is responsible for processing images of this Google smartphone.

BingMag.com <b>Key</b> <b>specifications</b> of the <b>Google</b> <b>Pixel</b> <b>Pipit</b> <b>clamshell</b> <b>phone</b> <b>were</b> <b>found</b> in Geekbench

specifications The Pipit processor points out that the Google Pixel clamshell smartphone could use the Google Tensor chip, which is also used in the Pixel 6 series of smartphones. Using this chip, Google can have more control over its phones and offer more attractive features, especially in the field of image processing algorithms. This chip uses two powerful cortex-X1 cores and therefore brings a lot of power to its phones.

It should be noted that after Apple A series chips and Samsung Exynos, Google with a tensor processor Entered the game of dedicated chips. The Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) is a type of artificial intelligence-accelerated integrated circuit (ASIC) that Google introduced in 2016 specifically for machine learning neural networks.

The processor of this phone The smartphone comes with 12 GB of RAM and Android 12 operating system is installed by default on this phone. In the tests performed on this smartphone, it received a score of 4811 in the single-core test section of its processor and 11349 points in the multi-core test. The second-generation tensor processor is expected to deliver faster performance and even more impressive AI capabilities than the previous generation. There have been recent reports that Google's new chip, codenamed Cloudripper, has been spotted in Pixel source code.

BingMag.com <b>Key</b> <b>specifications</b> of the <b>Google</b> <b>Pixel</b> <b>Pipit</b> <b>clamshell</b> <b>phone</b> <b>were</b> <b>found</b> in Geekbench

The 9to5Google report shows that the Google Pipit clamshell is equipped with a 12-megapixel Sony IMX363 sensor as the main sensor, which can be paired with an ultra-wide 12-megapixel Sony IMX386 sensor. It is also speculated that the internal display of this smartphone will be equipped with an 8-megapixel Sony IMX3555 camera. Another 8-megapixel Sony IMX355 lens is likely to be housed in the clamshell exterior display. Repeat the Pixel 6 Pro, which has better cameras in this phone. Other details of the Pipit Folding Pixel are not available at this time, but more and more accurate news about Google's new and clamshell phone is expected in the coming days.

Source: Gizmochina

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