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The Japanese billionaire returned to Earth after 12 days of space experience

BingMag.com The <b>Japanese</b> <b>billionaire</b> <b>returned</b> to <b>Earth</b> <b>after</b> 12 <b>days</b> of <b>space</b> experience

Japanese billionaire with his production assistant after spending about 12 days in space and filming and sharing online experience of life on the International space Station, to Health returns to Earth.

Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire and owner of an online fashion retailer, with his cameraman Yozo Hirano on Sunday, December 19 at 10:13 p.m. The Eastern Time Zone (06:43 AM Monday, December 20, Tehran time) was returned to Earth by the Soyuz MS-20 space capsule in Kazakhstan. Russian space agency astronaut Alexander Misurkin also commanded the mission.

The landings marked the end of Russia's first short-term mission to the International space Station. A mission dedicated solely to the flight of these two space tourists in a spacecraft. On previous tourist flights to the station, only one private astronaut was among the spacecraft crew and was scheduled to return with another Soyuz spacecraft that had been attached to the station for several months.

Misorkin, Maizawa, and Hirano December 8 (December 6) They arrived at the International space Station six hours after launch at Kazakhstan's Baikonur space base. Even before leaving Earth, Maizawa began sharing his journey through a series of short videos filmed and edited by Hirano and posted on YouTube.

They then made 14 space-themed videos featuring From fashion in space to making music in space and eating snacks in the subconscious. The Japanese-language video content (sometimes available with English subtitles) ranged from a few hundred thousand to several million viewers. Maizawa's most popular video, with 6.6 million views from space, was dedicated to some of the people who follow him on social media.

BingMag.com The <b>Japanese</b> <b>billionaire</b> <b>returned</b> to <b>Earth</b> <b>after</b> 12 <b>days</b> of <b>space</b> experience

Yusaku Maizawa and the International space Station crew
Credit: NASA

Maizawa said: "If you get rich or you get rich like me, I think you have to help more and more. I prefer to help people directly, rather than through organizations. "That's why I've donated about 3 billion yen ($ 26.4 million) in the last three years."

The donation began Sunday morning, hours before the passengers boarded the MS- Begin 20 trips home. Maizawa also delivered a package of food to the International space Station as the Uber Itz courier to mark the first delivery of a space order by a food delivery company. 20: Tehran time) was separated from the International space Station "Poisk" research module. Three hours later, the Soyuz spacecraft launched an orbital fire and began the process of landing, eventually landing on Earth with a parachute. Russian recovery forces were stationed near the landing site to meet with the crew, help them evacuate the Soyuz capsule, and conduct initial medical examinations. Adventures) is the only company that has ever shipped its customers to the International space Station. The company has previously flown eight flights for seven private astronauts, including Anousheh Ansari. : NASA

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