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The James Webb Telescope went beyond the moon

BingMag.com The <b>James</b> <b>Webb</b> <b>Telescope</b> <b>went</b> <b>beyond</b> the moon

James Webb is proceeding as planned in space and has now successfully completed two important stages of the mission, including the second correction fire. The James Webb Space Telescope has passed a busy era, as NASA announced. The spacecraft was scheduled to take two important steps: first, a second orbital correction fire, and second, it passed through the moon's orbit.

at 07:20 Eastern time (03:50 Tehran time) and right Sixty hours after launch, a second mid-course correction, known as the MCC1b, began. The maneuver lasted 9 minutes and 27 seconds and has now been successfully completed.

This is the second correction fire on James Webb's trip. According to the Arian 5 missile launch plan, there are three path-correcting maneuvers, including MCC-1a, MCC-1b, and MCC-2. The first, most important, and only vital operation other than the deployment of the MCC-1a solar array was on the first day, just 12.5 hours after launch.

The MCC-1b is now shorter in fire consumption There was less fuel than before. These maneuvers are performed to accurately position the James Webb Space Telescope in orbit around the Lagrangian point 2 (L2). The next maneuver, called the MCC-2, is scheduled for 29 days after launch to position the web in an optimal orbit around L2.

  • Correction Why and How Does the James Webb Telescope Work?

But more than two days after its launch, another exciting step has been taken, and the spacecraft has flown 400,000 kilometers. , went beyond the lunar orbit to continue at a speed of more than 1 km per second to the end point and the operating orbit.

Otherwise, James Webb did not meet with Earth. The James Webb Space Telescope is also designed to look into distant space and dim cosmic light in the infrared, so there is no extra camera on it to capture its space path.

  • Where is the James Webb Space Telescope now?

Cover Photo: Graphic design of the Earth and the James Webb Space Telescope after orbiting the Moon
Credit : NASA

Source: NASA

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