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The James Webb Telescope is well on its way to space travel

BingMag.com The <b>James</b> <b>Webb</b> <b>Telescope</b> is <b>well</b> on its <b>way</b> to <b>space</b> travel

The James Webb space Telescope, which was launched a few minutes ago by the Arian 5 rocket, is now well on its way to space travel./p>

The path of the web spacecraft is a challenging path, but now an important part of it has passed well. The James Webb space Telescope was launched from the Guyana space Center at 07:20 Eastern time (15:50 Tehran time) by the Arian 5 rocket.

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Atlas, the spacecraft reached the upper atmosphere of the Earth and the nose chamber was detached to place the Telescope close to space.

About 8 minutes and 50 seconds after launch, the main stage of the rocket was successfully detached so that the spacecraft alone With the high stage of Arian 5 rocket in space, move towards Lagrangian point 2. After the fire in the upper stage of the rocket was extinguished and about 27 minutes after launch, this stage was separated so that the Web space Telescope could continue its 1.6 million-kilometer path alone.

At this stage, The upper stage of the rocket broadcast a spectacular image of the Telescope alone in space.

Web Telescope after advancing with the Arian 5 rocket p>

Solar arrays are now well open to power the spacecraft. While the mission control team describes the situation quite optimally, the Web is now in the right direction, with six responsive wheels responsible for holding the spacecraft in that direction.

The Web Telescope is now moving fast in space, and During the next week, the first step of the installation is to open its large sun visor to protect the complex from the sun and heat. The observatory will be stationed in its final orbit at point L2 within the next month, and now it will be another anxious month for scientists and science enthusiasts.

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Cover Photo: Graphic design of the James Webb spacecraft on its way
Credit: NASA

Source: NASA

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