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The James Webb Telescope is ready to look at the universe when it is fully open

Now that the James Webb Space Telescope has well completed the multistage and sensitive process of opening up in space, it continues its journey to Lagrangian point 2 and prepares for a first look at the universe with more detailed operations.

After two weeks of complex structural installation, the James Webb Space Telescope has finally reached an important milestone and is now fully open in space. To find out what the web has to offer in the coming months and how to follow it, Alexandra Lockwood, a web science communications project scientist at the Space Telescope Scientific Institute, explains:

"Words Can't Describe the pride and excitement the web team is currently experiencing. From engineers to scientists and IT professionals and graphic designers and office workers and even more, we are all very pleased with the observatory's incredible success to date.

While we are still on track We have a long way to go, the engineering masterpieces that have been done on Earth and now in space are astonishing and a testament to the hard work and expertise of the International Web Team.

  • See the breathtaking path of the James Webb Space Telescope from historic launch to deployment

Now that the challenging Web Deployment sequence is over, we are moving to a much slower, yet more planned, stage. We are a travel process. In the next two weeks, we will move each of the 18 main mirror sections as well as the secondary mirror to their current position.

Then five months of commissioning will include the following steps:

  • Further cooling of the entire observatory, especially the middle infrared instrument.
  • Calibration of each of the four instruments and many of their scientific modes.
  • The novelty and diversity of the scientific data that this observatory can produce requires the examination of thousands of sections before beginning. It has scientific operations, but rest assured that this summer you will be immersed in observations that we will share soon. We're excited to move in the direction of deciphering the universe. "

    Photo: Graphic Design by the James Webb Space Telescope
    Credit: NASA

    Source: NASA

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