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The James Webb Space Telescope Radiator was installed

BingMag.com The <b>James</b> <b>Webb</b> <b>Space</b> <b>Telescope</b> <b>Radiator</b> was installed

With the successful deployment of the James Webb Space Telescope Radiator, this scientific tool is moving every day towards reaching its final operating temperature.


The James Webb Space Telescope Radiator installation operation ended at around 08:48 AM Eastern Time Zone (17:18 Tehran time). This dedicated Radiator structure is required to dissipate the heat of web tools to low and stable temperatures.

Aft Deployable Instrument Radiator with ADIR A large rectangular panel measuring 1.2 M by 2.4 m, which is composed of smaller, high-purity aluminum panels. The panels are coated with honeycomb cells to create an extraordinarily black surface. Connects. This Radiator transfers heat from scientific instruments and emits it in a very cold background deep space.

To install the ADIR, a lock was released that held the set in place at launch when the Radiator structure was in position. Be yourself. The whole process took about 15 minutes. The operation was carried out while the James Webb secondary mirror was successfully replaced yesterday. James Webb currently has about 998,000 kilometers and 69 percent of its route, and another 448,000 kilometers to reach Lagrangian point 2 (L2).

The latest series of major Web deployments is set Start tomorrow, January 7, during which the first set of two main mirror wings will be in their final position. The second collection is scheduled to open on Saturday, January 8.

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Credit: NASA

Source: NASA

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