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The James Webb Space Telescope is ready to launch; But with a delay again

NASA's James Webb, NASA's next-generation Space telescope, has finally landed on the launch pad and will go into Space just when the weather permits. It will not be available until January 25.

The James Webb Space Telescope has been researching and building for decades, and now this powerful scientific observatory is ready to launch. NASA officials have announced that the launch will be delayed by at least another day.

It was taken at the launch site of the French Guiana Space Center in South America due to high altitude winds. The company will conduct another climate study today, Wednesday, December 22, in hopes of confirming a new launch date.

Scientists have been predicting JWST's revolutionary view of the universe for years. When the web can be launched after weather problems, it will reach its Lagrangian orbit at 1.6 km in one month.

Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA Deputy Director of Science Mission "This is really a level of complexity," he stressed. The test now shows that the conditions of the observatory complex are favorable, so we are sure of its health and moved it to the launch pad. Necessary work has been done for the launch. "

  • Placement of the James Webb Space Telescope inside the Arian Launcher's nose Work on the Web Telescope, which also includes collaborations between the European and Canadian Space agencies, began in 1996 with the goal of launching in 2007. According to NASA Director Bill Nelson, the observatory is finally in full condition 14 years later during a launch readiness review on Tuesday.

    "This mission," he said. It is extraordinary. This is a brilliant example of what we can achieve if we have big dreams. "We always knew this project would be a risky endeavor, But of course when you want a big reward, you have to take a big risk."

    "Like "There have been many extraordinary and transformative projects, accelerating or slowing down this path."

    But the agency is committed to the scientific potential that JWST offers with its clear infrared vision. "It was as if we were always living with blindness," said NASA Deputy Chief of Staff Pam Melroy. "The Web is supposed to eradicate this blindness and show us the formation of the universe." Eastern time zone (15:50 Tehran time) is planned. However, ArianaSpace is still unable to provide accurate weather forecasts for the new program, and if it is canceled, it will continue to launch by the end of 2021.

    Despite NASA's large launch It is now safe. For the mission team, however, the stress does not necessarily go away after the launch, and the launch will be only the first step. The deployment involves more than 300 delicate steps that everyone must work on properly in Space for the Telescope to finally begin its scientific work. The entire process is largely under the control of the mission team, except for two deployments that will take place immediately after the spacecraft separates from the rocket. The mission team will follow the deployment steps step by step to ensure that all parts work properly. Will be scientific.

    Cover photo: Arian 5 rocket carrying James Webb Space Telescope on launch pad
    Credit: NASA

Source: Space

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