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It was possible to transfer WhatsApp message history from iPhone to Samsung phones

BingMag.com It was possible to transfer WhatsApp message history from iPhone to Samsung phones WhatsApp announced today in a blog post that it has made it possible to transfer message history from iPhones to Android phones (now Samsung)./p>

One of the great and attractive features that WhatsApp does not use was the ability to transfer the history of messages from iPhones to Android. But as it turns out, this very useful feature is finally going to be added to these popular messengers. This is official news and WhatsApp itself announced it in a blog post. So we have to wait for it to be added to Android phones in the coming days.

Message history includes not only text messages but also images and videos. In general, whatever you send to your contacts, recorded in and in WhatsApp history, can be transferred from iPhone to Android. It should be noted that Samsung phones running Android 10 and above will also be the first Android-based phones to receive this feature. So if you are using an Android phone with Android 10 or even 11, but this phone is not made by Samsung, do not be upset, WhatsApp announced that it will soon make this feature widely available to all its users.

Transfer History Message from iPhone to Samsung

You probably weren't surprised to hear this news because a month ago, when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 clamshells during the Galaxy Unpack event, Will Kathkart, WhatsApp CEO tweeted that the company is looking for a way to transfer message history from one platform to another. The tweet also mentioned that Samsung phones will be the first products to have this feature.

WhatsApp says when you buy a new phone and install the app on it, When you create an account, you will be presented with an option that allows you to securely enter your old account information into your phone and new account. All you need to do this is a Lightning USB-C cable, which is the only thing left in the iPhone's charger and hands-free box.

SmartSwitch app on your Samsung phone Download and install. Note that the version of this application must be or higher. Install WhatsApp version or newer on your iPhone, while on Samsung phone the version of this application must be or higher. Note that the Android phone, which includes the Samsung phone, and you want to enter the old account information into it, must be completely new; This means that it will be used for the first time, or if it is not, it will have to be reset to factory settings.

Data transfer from WhatsApp iPhone to Samsung

Turn on your Samsung phone When you have done all the basics, connect the USB-C head to this phone and the Lightning to your iPhone. Follow the instructions of Smart Switch and in the next step, scan the displayed QR code on your new device, which is the same device as Samsung, with your iPhone. Click on the start option on your iPhone and wait for the process to be completed. You have an account, upgrade your account on the new phone. When the app asks you about data transfer, click "Import" and let the process finish. When the phone is activated, all the message history will be transferred from your iOS phone to your Samsung phone. This history is also north of messages, images and videos.

According to WhatsApp, if you want to transfer history from iPhone to Samsung phone, not only will you be able to transfer it, but you can also transfer account information, image Transfer profiles, personal messages, group messages, settings, and more to your new phone. Of course, keep in mind that the call history is not transferable to the new phone and all information will be deleted in this section. Your old phone will have the relevant information in this case unless you decide to delete it.

WhatsApp will not be able to view the transferred data

WhatsApp has access to or view information that you transfer from one phone to another. You are worried, you should know that none of this information goes to cloud storage. Of course, you may do this yourself through the backup file, otherwise this will not happen in the way mentioned and WhatsApp will not be able to see the information that is being transferred. So feel free about security and privacy.

If you are one of those users who are very dependent on WhatsApp and have also bought new Samsung phones, this very attractive feature is exactly what You will need it. It remains to be seen when WhatsApp intends to offer this feature to other Android phones.

Source: PhoneArena

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