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It was possible for some Windows 11 users to run Android apps

BingMag.com It was possible for some Windows 11 users to run Android apps

When Microsoft unveiled Windows 11, it indicated that it intended to add a variety of new features. One of these features is Windows 11 support for Android applications. After the release of the first version of Windows 11, there was no trace of this feature in it. But now, Microsoft, in partnership with Amazon and its App Store, has added a small set of about 50 Android apps to the Windows 11 beta.

If you're using the Windows 11 beta, you can get apps like Kindle, Washington Run Post, Clash of Kings, Coin Master and Lego Duplo World. Users whose system processor is Intel, AMD or Qualcomm and of course supports this feature, can access and run Android applications using the Amazon App Store. It's worth noting that Microsoft uses the Linux kernel of the Android 11 operating system, so almost all of Android's features run on Windows 11, but this does not include some of the additional apps and features that Google has added to Android.

Windows 11 Android applications can be run through the Microsoft Store. The Microsoft Store allows Windows 11 users to access and run a large number of Android apps through the Amazon App Store. Alt + tab feature can be used for these applications and users can run multiple Android apps in Windows 11. It is also possible to pin these applications like regular Windows applications.

Using this feature in Windows 11, users can use the Windows clipboard in these applications. Notifications are also supported in Windows 11 and can be viewed in Action Center. Microsoft is working with Amazon to add a variety of features to Android apps on Windows. There are currently about 3 million apps in the Google Play Store and about 600,000 in the Amazon App Store. But in the future, Microsoft will increase the number of Android applications in Windows 11 to satisfy its users.

BingMag.com It was possible for some Windows 11 users to run Android apps

Now let's take a look at some of the new features of Windows 11. Although in Windows 10 you can drag open windows to the side or corner of the screen to fit in and open programs, but Windows 11 with Snap Layout is built entirely on this smart layout. Hold down the cursor to zoom in or out of the window, or press Win + Z on the keyboard to see options for preset layout designs. Existing layouts depend on the width of your screen, but this is definitely a good feature of Windows 11, which makes it easier to arrange windows in advance. It supports, but in Windows 11 it has become easier and more accessible to use. By default, after installing the new operating system, a button with two black and white rectangles will appear in the taskbar. Place the cursor on it and click on New Desktop to have more workspace. This feature allows you to access more programs quickly and without the need for an additional physical display.

The Start menu in Windows 11 has been redesigned and you will notice it from the beginning. Now this menu, along with the list of programs, has become the central port of files and your history of using programs. The files you see depend on how much you use Microsoft Office 365 and how many computers are synced with your Microsoft cloud account. For personalization, you can go to Personalization and select Start from Windows Settings.

The clock program in Windows 11 is not just about time. This app helps you stay focused at certain times, such as work and study. Open the Clock app and then select the Focus sessions option from the left panel. Then when you click Get Started you will be asked to set your own tasks and schedule. It also integrates with the To Do app in Windows 11, and you can even add songs from the Spotify music service to help you stay focused.

BingMag.com It was possible for some Windows 11 users to run Android apps

Windows 11 comes with an extensive overview of the software's appearance. So everything looks more modern and can be said to be specifically designed for today's devices. For example, open "File Explorer" or "Settings" (Windows Settings). You will find that compared to Windows 10, better space, colors and designs are used and it is more attractive overall. Open Windows Settings and select System and Power & Battery. You will find more details on how to drain your device in Windows 11, and you can even select Battery Usage for more information. This is part of an effort to make Windows better on 2-in-1 tablets and devices, and also represents a touch-optimized, user-friendly interface that requires higher resolution, more space with larger images, buttons, and menus.

The widgets or widgets we previously saw in the Windows 10 update with a pop-up window next to the notifications section now have their own icon in Windows 11 and include more options to choose from. Click on the taskbar icon to view news, weather, upcoming calendar appointments, tips for using Windows 11, and more. Then click Add Widgets to set which widgets are displayed on the screen and which are hidden. Microsoft Windows 11 is accessible to a large number of users. But if you want Android apps to run officially, you have to wait a little longer.

Source: Techcrunch

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