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It was possible to buy Tesla products by paying Dodge Quinn

BingMag.com It was <b>possible</b> to <b>buy</b> <b>Tesla</b> <b>products</b> by <b>paying</b> <b>Dodge</b> Quinn

Tesla announced today that users with Dodge Quinn currency can benefit from the company's services and products by paying for it in cash.

Ilan Musk, CEO of the largest company in the field of electric vehicle production, announced today that if a user intends to buy the company's products, he can use Dodge Quinn cryptocurrencies instead of paying. Of course, only some of the company's products are currently priced with these codes, but it seems that we should see more of them in the near future. The news was enough for the Dodge Quinn to rise about 16 percent to $ 0.20.

Of course, we heard about this earlier, in December last year. It was Ilan Mask himself who announced on Twitter that he wanted to see how things would turn out if there was an option to pay via Ramzar. In fact, we already knew Tesla had such a plan in mind, but we did not know it was going to happen today. Currently, as mentioned, it is possible to buy some of the company's products this way. It is not clear whether the option to buy electric cars will be activated with Ramzarz or not. If this happens, we will definitely see a significant increase in the price of Dodge Quinn. Since Dodge Quinn Ramzars is Ilan Musk's favorite, it is possible that Tesla's work policy will change entirely on the basis of Ramzars's payment.

This change in payment method is not limited to the United States. In the Tesla UK branch, it is possible to buy the S3XY Mag for 150 Dodge Coins ($ 29). At the moment, it is only possible to buy these devices with the payment of Dodge Quinn, and it is not clear whether Tesla wants to be able to buy the devices with the payment of other cryptocurrencies later. Also, the old payment option is no longer available, and the user can only buy a series of accessories by paying Dodge Coin.

Of course, Tesla announced a few months ago that it will also receive bitcoins to buy its electric vehicles, but 49 The next day, Tesla changed its policy due to the high energy consumption to extract each bitcoin. Ilan Musk also said during one of his conversations about cryptocurrencies that this is a good way to pay and gave a bright future, but it should not be at the cost of losing the environment. As you know, bitcoin requires a lot of resources to extract and therefore does not receive much attention.

Dodge Quinn currently requires much less energy to extract, but according to Alex de Veris, one According to digital currency economists, Dodge Kane's energy consumption is still very high, and the main reason why its extraction energy is not very high is because it is less valuable than bitcoin.

Of course, Ilan Musk said in May last year that He is talking to Dodge Quinn developers to find a way to reduce the energy required to extract the currency code. Ilan Musk even planned to launch a satellite called Dodge 1 next year. Apparently, Ilan Mask and Tesla do not intend to leave Dodge Quinn right now, but it remains to be seen whether this trend will change in the coming years.

Source: The Verge

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