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Isn't the idea of ​​Surface Duo better than Galaxy Z Fold?

Last year, when the Surface Duo was introduced by Microsoft, it was a paradoxical combination of creative features and disappointing capabilities. But Microsoft's return to the smartphone world with a different idea seemed really exciting, and the Surface Duo itself took a different view of the undiscovered potential of smartphones.

The first generation of the device had some big and small problems. Which could not compete with last year's smartphones at all. But fortunately, Microsoft recently unveiled the second generation of the device at the unveiling of the new Surface laptops, which is a big change from the previous generation.

The new generation Surface Duo uses the powerful Snapdragon 888 processor as the beating heart It has 8 GB of RAM and its 90Hz display brings you great quality. The camera is well developed in the second generation, and the new generation of this device also supports Microsoft pen. However, the screen margins on this device are much larger than other models on the market, and this can be considered a weakness in the design of the Surface Duo.

The changes that have taken place in the new Surface mobile not only cause Let's take it more seriously than before, but the question also arises as to whether the new-generation Surface Duo can compete with similar handsets, including the Galaxy Z Fold 3?

Both Microsoft and Samsung The Surface Duo and Galaxy Z Fold have not been made available to the public. Rather, these devices have specific audiences, those for whom multitasking on a daily device is very important and they need to work with several softwares at the same time. With all this talk, is it possible to say that the new generation Surface phone is better than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 device with its special features?

Join us in this video to get the answer to this question./p>

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