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Is my Samsung Galaxy waterproof?

BingMag.com Is my <b>Samsung</b> <b>Galaxy</b> waterproof?

Waterproof or water resistant are attributes that are often used in the technical specifications of smartphones. But how do we know what standard our phone has? In this article, we will answer the question of whether the Galaxy phone we have is waterproof or not.

It may have happened to you that your phone is exposed to water. You are probably also very worried about the phone getting wet and eventually breaking down. But fortunately, many phones these days come with a waterproof resistance standard. Since this is about Samsung phones, we have to say that the Korean company even launches its mid-range phones with these standards.

Resistance standards are not always the same, depending on the device you use. They are different from each other. Some of them mean full and better resistance to water, while others only prevent water droplets from entering the phone. So we decided to help you determine how waterproof your Galaxy series phone can be, to know if you're going to damage your phone before you take a shower, swim or something like that./p>

Waterproof or water resistant?

First of all, it is better to explain the difference between these two standards. Many handsets are waterproof and many others are water resistant. Each of these standards has its own types. But in general, waterproof earphones are products that can show very good resistance to water penetration into the interior. These phones can often prevent water from entering even if they are drowning. Accidentally drop a glass of water on it, or place it in a wet place. Phones that come with this standard often have the term splash-proof in their technical specifications. It is not a Galaxy phone and is used in all waterproof phones, but since this is about Samsung phones, before we list the phones of this company with the mentioned standard, we want to talk about what each standard means.

The easiest way to tell if a phone is waterproof or not is to check its specifications to see the IPXX term. Of course, instead of two letters, X should be two numbers to understand the water resistance of the phone. Usually the first number is for the amount of resistance to dust and the second number is for the amount of resistance to water penetration. The term IP itself stands for Ingress Protection, meaning "resistance to intrusion."

Given these explanations, the table below addresses the different types of resistance standards and their different meanings.

Numbers facing IP Soil resistance (number one) Water resistance (number two) 1 strong> Resistance to hard objects more than 50 mm (like handles) Resistance to water droplets falling vertically on the phone) 2 Resistance Resistant to hard objects larger than 12 mm (like a finger) Resistant to direct spray of water up to 15 degrees vertically 3 Resistance Hard objects larger than 2.5 mm (such as tools and wires) Resistance to direct spray of water up to 60 degrees vertically 4 Resistance to For hard objects larger than 1 mm (such as small wires) Spray resistance Direct water from all directions 5 Resistance to dust penetration (possibility of slight dust entry) Resistance to high pressure and direct water spray In all directions 6 Complete resistance to dust penetration Resistance to high pressure and direct water spray in all directions strong> 7 no does not have full resistance to water penetration with a depth between 15 cm to 1 meter to 30 minutes 8 Full resistance to water penetration with a depth of more than 1 meter and a longer duration

Warning; Never intentionally expose your phone to water, even with the highest standard of resistance

It never makes sense for a standard phone to be tested by a normal user for safety. Because the warranty does not include any device that has been damaged by water entering it, even if that device Have the highest resistance to water penetration on paper. In fact, no phone is completely waterproof as it is said, and even if the product is really durable, we have nothing about it until we try it.

Unfortunately, knowing how much our Galaxy phone is It is waterproof and can only be determined when we put it in water because even resistance tests check for a product that is not our phone! In addition, there are many factors that can play a role in the phone's resistance to water penetration. Even if your Galaxy phone is waterproof, the chlorine in the pool water or the salt in the ocean and seawater can be a serious danger to the phone. Even water debris can be dangerous. Also, the protective plastics that are placed around the phone to prevent water from entering will become weaker and weaker over time. Pouring coffee, tea, water or the like on the phone also has a significant effect on the wear and tear of these plastics.

IP standard makes the phone show good resistance to such sudden events and at the same time Do not spoil the first time. However, in this regard, we can not speak with confidence. So why not take your expensive product with you to the pool or place it in a dangerous area that may be exposed to water? You can use waterproof plastic and put the phone in it, but there is no reason to be careful in this case.

List of Galaxy phones with IP waterproof standard

with door Considering all the above points and the different definitions given by the IP standard, it is time to list the Samsung Galaxy phones with the IP resistance standard below. This list can not only make you think about how resistant your phone is to water and dust, but it can also give you an idea of which Samsung phone to go for. The list of Samsung phones with IP waterproof standard is as follows:

Name of the phone IP67 Galaxy A52 IP67 > Galaxy A52s IP67 Galaxy A72 IP68 Galaxy Note 20 IP68 < Galaxy Note 20 Ultra IP68 Galaxy S20 Fan Edition IP68 Galaxy S20 5G UW strong> IP68 Galaxy S20 IP68 Galaxy S20 Plus IP68 Galaxy S20 Ultra IP68 Galaxy S21 Fan Edition IP68 Galaxy S21 IP68 Galaxy S21 IP68 Galaxy S21 Plus IP68 Galaxy S21 Ultra IP68 Galaxy S22 IP68 Galaxy S22 Plus IP68 Galaxy S22 Ultra IP68 Galaxy Xcover 5 IP68 </<strong> Galaxy Xcover Pro IP68 Galaxy Z Flip 3 IPX8 Galaxy Z Fold 3 > IPX8

Note that all of the Samsung phones on this list have been manufactured since 2020, as before, Samsung only equipped its high-end phones with IP standards. Also keep in mind that the letter X in the IP standard means that the product has not been tested in that particular field. So Samsung's two new clamshell phones do not have a specific standard for dust penetration.

Source: AndoridAuthority

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