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Is it wise to install iOS or iPadOS beta version?

BingMag.com Is it <b>wise</b> to <b>install</b> <b>iOS</b> or <b>iPadOS</b> <b>beta</b> version?

Installing the beta version of iOS or iPadOS on iPhone or iPad is easy; But just because something is easy to do, doesn't necessarily mean you should do it. In the following, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of installing the beta version of these two operating systems.

Enjoying the new features of iOS and iPadOS

Apple releases a new version of its operating systems to the public every year at the end of summer. But these new versions are actually introduced a few months before this date and during these few months users can use the beta version. Some users who don't have much patience and want to experience the new features of these operating systems as soon as possible, get started and install the beta version.

BingMag.com Is it <b>wise</b> to <b>install</b> <b>iOS</b> or <b>iPadOS</b> <b>beta</b> version?

In these new versions, there are usually several important new features and several other small and large improvements are also visible.

Existence Many bugs in beta versions

When an operating system is in the beta stage, it means that its development process is not yet finished, and as a result, users face several bugs in different fields. This bug can, for example, disable notifications or cause serious problems for some important features.

BingMag.com Is it <b>wise</b> to <b>install</b> <b>iOS</b> or <b>iPadOS</b> <b>beta</b> version?

From On the other hand, we should mention the possibility of problems in the field of operating system. For example, in addition to slowing down, battery consumption may increase significantly, and as a result, the phone or tablet battery will drain much faster. Before releasing the final version, companies like Apple release several beta versions, which usually reduce the number of bugs in each version.

Developer beta vs. Public Beta

But now all users who want to use beta versions of iOS and iPadOS can easily do this. install the versions. Of course, at first, these versions will be provided only for developers, and after a few weeks, the public beta will be available to users. There are usually more bugs in the developer beta versions, but the number of bugs is significantly reduced in the public beta.

BingMag.com Is it <b>wise</b> to <b>install</b> <b>iOS</b> or <b>iPadOS</b> <b>beta</b> version?

In general, the later you install beta versions, the less problems you will encounter. Over time, beta versions become more stable and get more features. Of course, there is no certainty in this field because sometimes even the final version of iOS and iPadOS reaches the hands of ordinary users with many bugs.

Avoid installing the beta version on your main device

If you still want to install the beta version of iOS or iPadOS, we recommend that you do not install it on your original phone or tablet. Because sometimes these versions cause serious problems and you may get into trouble while using your phone or tablet. If you have an old iPhone or iPad at home that supports the new version of the operating system, you can safely install the beta version on it.

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