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Is it possible to explain gravity without string theory?

String theory may be considered a revolution in the relationship between Einstein's general relativity and quantum mechanics, but would gravity really be one of the most fundamental forces in the universe without it? Theory is indescribable? For decades, most physicists have agreed that there is a missing link between Einstein's theory of general relativity, which describes the laws of nature on a large scale, and quantum mechanics, which describes phenomena. Describes, on the smallest scale, string theory.

Nevertheless, a recent international collaboration led by physicists at Radboud University in Physical Review Letters provides compelling evidence. Has shown that string theory is not the only theory that can make this connection. These scientists have shown that it is possible to make a theory of quantum gravity that follows all the basic laws of physics without the need for string theory.

When we observe gravity in our universe, such as the motion of planets or the passage of light Near the black hole, everything seems to follow the rules that Einstein explained in his theory of general relativity. Quantum mechanics, on the other hand, is a theory that describes the physical properties of nature at the smallest scale of atoms and subatomic particles.

Although these two theories have allowed us to explain every basic physical phenomenon observed, Contradict each other, and physicists have great difficulty in applying these two theories to explain gravity on the largest and smallest scales. Without string theory, physicists They proposed the principles of physics to solve this problem and extended the laws proposed by the theory of general relativity. According to this theory, called String Theory, everything around us is formed not by point particles, but by strings: one-dimensional objects that vibrate. Since its introduction, string theory has been the broadest theoretical framework that is thought to complement Einstein's theory of general relativity to a theory of quantum gravity.

BingMag.com Is it possible to explain gravity without string theory?

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However, now a new presentation by theoretical physicists at Radboud University shows String theory is not the only way to do this. "We believe that gravity can still be explained using quantum mechanics without the laws of string theory," says theoretical physicist Frank Saueressig. "We show that the idea that everything is made up of point particles can still fit quantum gravity without considering strings. This particle physics framework has also been empirically validated, for example in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.

Scientists are fascinated because so far it has been very difficult to connect string theory to experiments, but their idea uses physical principles that have already been experimentally tested.

He has not seen strings in experiments, but particles are things that people certainly see in LHC experiments. "This will allow us to more easily bridge the gap between theoretical predictions and experiments."

Just a set of rules

"Their ideas show that they can solve long-term problems in particle physics. They are now exploring the consequences of their new laws at the level of black holes." There is now only one set of laws of nature, and this set must be able to apply to a variety of questions, including what happens when particles collide with extraordinarily high energies, or what happens when particles fall into a black hole. . "

He emphasized:" It is truly extraordinary to show that there is in fact a connection between these seemingly distinct questions that leads to the solution of puzzles on both sides.

Cover Photo: A Sketch of a Particle as a Basis for String Theory
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Source: Phys.Org

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