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Is 4 GB of RAM enough for Windows 11?

With the release of Windows 11, Microsoft has once again upgraded the hardware specifications required to run its operating system. Some of these changes are not very noticeable, but others can not be ignored. Of all the important hardware specifications needed to run Windows 11, we should mention a processor with at least 2 cores and at least 4 GB of RAM.

Even today, some systems still use 4 GB of RAM. They do, so in this section we can thank Microsoft. But is 4GB of RAM really enough to run Windows 11? In the following, we will review the Make Use Of experience of running this operating system on a laptop with 4 GB of RAM.

4 GB of RAM runs Windows 11, but hardly!

BingMag.com Is 4 GB of RAM enough for Windows 11?

First of all, we need to mention the specifications of the computer used in this experiment. The Make Use Of website, which is the source of this article, uses an 11.6-inch Pavilion HP laptop equipped with a Pentium Silver N5000 processor, which is a low-end processor with a frequency between 1.10 GHz and 2.70 GHz. . This laptop is equipped with 128 GB of SSD internal memory and 4 GB of DDR4 RAM.

As you can see, we do not have a powerful laptop. These hardware specifications can hardly run Windows 11, but are eligible for updates to the new version of Windows. The processor of this laptop is relatively new and uses TMP. According to Make Use Of, the laptop has access to the latest version of the Redmondian operating system through a Windows 10 to Windows 11 update.

As we mentioned, this computer is not very powerful, but it can handle Run the new version of Windows. Light browsing and using the browser is an acceptable experience before reaching the capacity of RAM and reloading or crashing programs.

BingMag.com Is 4 GB of RAM enough for Windows 11?

Even after turning on the device and opening the Task Manager, you will see a buzz in the background: RAM usage is over 80% and will not go down, even without running any programs! Opening your own Windows apps like Search or Snip can increase this to 90%. The remaining 10 percent will be shared by other applications, but before they start a war over the use of hardware resources.

Using the Chrome browser can increase the amount of RAM usage to 95 percent. Browsing web pages on this device is a psychological experience, but by opening more than 4 tabs, the Chrome browser will reload. With 4 GB of RAM, you can not have a pleasant or even smooth multitasking experience.

It is possible to use any kind of software, especially graphics software, on such hardware; But you will not have a good experience at all. Your system may be slow, or you may have trouble sharing resources between your system processes and your applications.

Is 4 GB enough for Windows 11?

BingMag.com Is 4 GB of RAM enough for Windows 11?

After some reviews, our source website has come to the conclusion that the answer to this question will be "no".

At first, this operating system seems very fast; But when your computer is equipped with 4 GB of RAM, you can not really expect much from it. With such a system, you can only do light work, before you even have trouble performing simple system operations!

The minimum hardware required to run Windows 10 includes 1 GB of RAM for The 32-bit version had 2GB of RAM for the 64-bit version. It 's hard for us to imagine running Windows 11 on a system with less than 4 GB of RAM, because booting the system will take up 3 GB of 4 GB of RAM only for system processes (not running the programs you open). . With all that left, you can use a browser like Chrome for light web browsing, emailing, or writing a document.

How much RAM do I need for Windows 11?

BingMag.com Is 4 GB of RAM enough for Windows 11?

You need at least 8 GB of RAM to run Windows 11 smoothly, but it's much better if it reaches 16 GB

In fact, 4 GB of memory leaves no room for your programs to run. For example, the Chrome browser, which has always been known as the RAM memory killer, can only allocate 2 GB when running multiple tabs simultaneously. Therefore, you should add at least another 4 GB to keep other applications open in the background.

With 8 GB of RAM, you may still have trouble running some applications And in some cases, the amount of RAM usage reaches a high percentage. But at the very least, you can keep apps open, browse the web, get things done, and have multitasking without the hassle.

If you're looking for the right experience, using 16GB of RAM may be a better choice. This amount of memory allows you to keep multiple tabs open at the same time in a heavy browser like Chrome, and rarely takes up a large percentage of RAM.

My system has 4 GB of RAM, what should I do?

BingMag.com Is 4 GB of RAM enough for Windows 11?

If you plan to install Windows 11 on a system with 4 GB of RAM, it's better Before that, seek to upgrade your RAM. If you are using a laptop, you can check the internet to see if you can upgrade your device's RAM. If your laptop is equipped with an open SODIMM slot, you can add an additional 4 GB of RAM to increase the laptop's RAM capacity to 8 GB. If your laptop has two SODIMM slots (one or both slots are occupied), an 8 GB kit (two 4 GB memory) may be a good option.

If you can not do this, you can still Use Windows 10 or update your device to Windows 11 at your own risk. You can also use alternative operating systems such as Linux or Chrome OS and FydeOS distributions. But if you are using a desktop system, your job will be easier to upgrade the RAM, you just need to pay attention to the hardware specifications of your system and use the appropriate capacity (at least 8 GB and preferably 16 GB of RAM).>

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Source: Make Use Of

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