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Is 64 GB of internal storage enough for iPhone SE 3 and iPad Air 5?

BingMag.com Is 64 GB of <b>internal</b> <b>storage</b> <b>enough</b> for <b>iPhone</b> SE 3 and <b>iPad</b> <b>Air</b> 5?

After the introduction of the iPhone 13 series with a minimum of 128 GB of internal memory, this decision was welcomed by users. But Apple has decided to abandon this approach for the iPhone SE 3 and iPad Air, and the base model of both devices will once again hit the market with 64 GB of internal memory. Surely you know that in 2022, such a capacity is not enough at all, and we will continue to look at the approach of other companies in this field. Buy. For example, we can mention the Pixel 5a, whose base model is priced at $ 449, and with its purchase, you will benefit from 128 GB of internal memory and 6 GB of RAM. There is also a dual camera on the back panel. It should be noted that the iPhone SE 3 does not have IP certification, but the Pixel 5a, thanks to IP67 certification, greatly relieves users' worries about water penetration. Of course, the iPhone SE 3 chipset is definitely better than all the competitors, but do all users need all the power of such a chipset?

BingMag.com Is 64 GB of <b>internal</b> <b>storage</b> <b>enough</b> for <b>iPhone</b> SE 3 and <b>iPad</b> <b>Air</b> 5?

Cloud storage

Some users say that thanks to cloud storage services, users They no longer need a large capacity for internal memory. Apple phone users can take advantage of 5 GB of free iCloud capacity, but these days, due to the increase in the size of all types of files, 5 GB of cloud capacity is quickly filled. Once this capacity is full, you will have to pay Apple a monthly fee to increase the capacity of the iCloud space. It should be noted that when buying iPhone SE 3, you should also pay attention to the space occupied by iOS, because this operating system occupies about 8 GB of phone capacity.

BingMag.com Is 64 GB of <b>internal</b> <b>storage</b> <b>enough</b> for <b>iPhone</b> SE 3 and <b>iPad</b> <b>Air</b> 5?

The new generation iPhone SE can easily play various games due to the use of the A15 chipset. Many heavy games like Call of Duty Mobile are several gigabytes in size, which means your phone will fill up sooner than you think. Also, if you are into photography and video, these files quickly occupy the full capacity of the phone.

iPad Air 5

Along with the new generation The iPhone SE, we have to mention the iPad Air 5, which has attractive features such as the M1 chipset and a quality 10.9-inch display, and also supports 5G internet and the Apple Pen. Despite all these attractive features, the base model of this tablet uses 64 GB of internal memory.

Although once the iPads were offered with a minimum of 32 GB of memory, and Apple once upgraded the minimum internal memory of these tablets, But this upgrade is like going from the basement to the basement itself. Even to buy a basic model of an expensive tablet like the iPad Pro, you have to settle for 64 GB of internal memory. Despite the use of a powerful chip, when the capacity of the internal memory is low, you have to install new applications and games with fear and trembling. On the other hand, surely the people who buy this tablet intend to use it for years. 64GB may not be a bad thing in 2022, but it will be very low in two to three years.

BingMag.com Is 64 GB of <b>internal</b> <b>storage</b> <b>enough</b> for <b>iPhone</b> SE 3 and <b>iPad</b> <b>Air</b> 5?

internal storage is priced at $ 699, and you also get the S Pen. If you are looking for an Apple Pencil for the iPad, you will have to pay around $ 120 to buy it. In total, you have to spend $ 879 to buy a 256GB iPad Air 5 with S Pen. The Galaxy Tab S8, meanwhile, is priced at $ 779 for similar internal storage.

After the unveiling of the iPad Air 5 and iPhone SE 3, many users on social media and various protest sites protested. Announced the provision of 64 GB of memory for the base model of these two gadgets. But Apple executives still seem to believe that a base capacity of 64 GB is enough in 2022.

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