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Is the 240 Hz monitor worth buying?

BingMag.com Is the <b>240</b> Hz <b>monitor</b> <b>worth</b> buying?

When you want to buy a new monitor, you usually have monitors based on refresh rates of different rates such as 120 Hz, 240 Hz and even higher. But does it make sense to buy such monitors at a higher price? In this article, we will discuss the value of buying a 240 Hz monitor and in general, monitors with high refresh rate.

Is the higher the number of Hz better?

Refresh The refresh rate is the number of times a screen image can change per second and is used to measure that hertz. This means that if the display is based on a 60Hz refresh rate, it can be updated 60 times per second, and 90Hz means 90 updates per second, and so on.

BingMag.com Is the <b>240</b> Hz <b>monitor</b> <b>worth</b> buying?

In the world of gaming, it is very important for gamers to use a higher frame rate because you can see everything happening more quickly and clearly, thus increasing the reaction speed. will find. In addition, as the refresh rate increases, the amount of motion blur or motion blur also decreases.

Outside the gaming environment, the monitor has a high refresh rate for tasks such as browsing, watching action movies and other tasks provide a more attractive experience. .

What high refresh rate offers and what it requires

If you are a gamer and use a 60Hz monitor to run games, In this mode, you can not take full advantage of the game features. If you use a 120 Hz monitor, the appeal of the games will increase significantly. However, if you migrate from a 120Hz monitor to a 144Hz or 166Hz monitor, you will not encounter a wide difference. Although this change will still be noticeable if you use very expensive 360 Hz monitors, we will continue to look at these specific monitors.

BingMag.com Is the <b>240</b> Hz <b>monitor</b> <b>worth</b> buying?

It should be noted that if you want to use the top refresh rate of the monitor when running the game, your computer must have the same hardware capability. This largely depends on the graphics card, and of course we should mention the importance of the monitor cable.

In other words, if your monitor is 120 Hz, but the computer can only play games with a 60-frame frame. Display, in the meantime you lose 60 frames and the monitor can not deliver the promised charm. This means that in practice the monitor in question will function as a 60 Hz monitor. So before you buy a high refresh monitor, make sure your system has high hardware power.

You probably won't need more than 165 Hz

strong> BingMag.com Is the <b>240</b> Hz <b>monitor</b> <b>worth</b> buying?

Most users do not need monitors with refresh rates above 165 Hz. Even if you are a gamer and spend a lot of time playing games, monitors with a refresh rate between 120 and 165 Hz will be enough for you. If you are not a gamer and you just want to enjoy higher refresh rate, you have to choose between 120 Hz monitors.

On the other hand, we must mention the phenomenon of screen tearing or rupture of images. If the provided frame rate is higher than the monitor power, the frames will overlap and a kind of interference will occur. This phenomenon is called image rupture. That's why G-Sync or FreeSync technologies are used to enable variable rate refresh.

Which users need a 240Hz monitor?

BingMag.com Is the <b>240</b> Hz <b>monitor</b> <b>worth</b> buying?

The only people who may benefit from a 240Hz monitor with a higher refresh rate are professional gamers. Are those who want to have as much competitive advantage as possible. With such high refresh rates, the gamer's reaction speed to in-game events will increase to some extent. But for professional gamers who make money this way, even a delay of a few milliseconds is very important to them.

Which one should you buy?

BingMag.com Is the <b>240</b> Hz <b>monitor</b> <b>worth</b> buying?

Naturally, the higher the refresh rate of the monitor, the higher the price. Monitors with refresh rates between 240 and 360 Hz are especially expensive. It should be noted that many of these monitors offer very high refresh rates with 1080p or 1440p resolution. That's why if you want to use 4K resolution, you usually can not use a very high refresh rate.

If image quality is more important to you than refresh rate, you should switch between refresh rate monitors. Choose between 60 and 144 Hz. But if speed and refresh rate are important, then you can not be obsessed with image quality.

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