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Irreparable damage to the world's largest aircraft was confirmed

A new video clearly shows that the Antonov 225 transport plane, the largest in the world, was destroyed in the Russian attack on Ukraine./p>

It is now more than a week since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In the early days of the conflict, Kyiv's Hostomel Airport (GML) was under considerable conflict, leading to rumors about the fate of the world's Antonov An-225 aircraft. New images now show that the plane was badly damaged and could not be repaired.

The story so far

They entered Ukrainian territory. One of the targets of the attack was Gostomel Airport, located northwest of the capital Kyiv. The center is also known as Antonov Airport because the aircraft company is there for cargo and test flights.

BingMag.com <b>Irreparable</b> <b>damage</b> to the <b>world's</b> <b>largest</b> <b>aircraft</b> was confirmed

Only one Antonov 225 was built.
Credit: Getty Images

Just before the conflict, in early February, the Antonov 225 was repaired. Arrived at the airport. This was the last time the world's largest aircraft, the Mriya, flew, which was revered for its size and rarity. Unconfirmed reports of the popular plane crash surfaced at the outbreak of the conflict. Engine to comment. However, a few days later Ukraine confirmed that the Antonov 225 had indeed been attacked.

New film

This information about the fate of the Antonov 225 shocked and upset the aviation community. But at first it was difficult to get real pictures and videos of the plane, and this led to speculation about the extent of the plane's damage. But a new news report from Russia's Channel 1 now makes that very clear.

As seen in the video above, the plane crashed in The comparison to the magnificent view that we have all known and loved over the years is hard to discern. What is perhaps most striking is the fact that its nose has fallen to the ground and there is a gap between its long wings. The rear of the jet looks relatively intact, however. Antonov has not yet confirmed the situation. It is doubtful whether it is or not. Following the release of the video, the company tweeted: "Unless the Antonov 225 is inspected by experts, we will not be able to report the technical condition of the aircraft. Wait for the official announcements about the condition of the aircraft. "

BingMag.com <b>Irreparable</b> <b>damage</b> to the <b>world's</b> <b>largest</b> <b>aircraft</b> was confirmed

The second Antonov 225 aircraft under construction at the plant is the only chance to revive Maria.
Credit: Getty Images

The Antonov 225 giant aircraft was designed for transport purposes in the former Soviet Union and after its collapse The country was pursued in Ukraine. Only one aircraft was built to transport large cargoes, including the Boran space shuttle. Antonov also began construction of the second Antonov 225 aircraft, but it remained unfinished. Thus, many have suggested that using this platform could be a good way to bring Maria back into flight. However, peace in the region is even more important in the short term, as the potential human costs are even greater than the cost of the world's heaviest aircraft.

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Cover Photo: Antonov 225 Maria
Credit: Lentoposti

Source: Simple Flying

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