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The Iran section of the Wikipedia Memories Photography Competition has started

BingMag.com The Iran section of the Wikipedia Memories Photography Competition has started

The Iranian section of the 2021 Wikipedia World Photography Competition has started, during which prizes will be awarded to the winners in a simple process.

"Wiki Loves Monuments" is the title of a competition that the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation holds every year in the field of photography and aims to document and preserve historical sites based on Wikipedia and other sister projects. p>

The description of this competition states that a "memorial" refers to a historical site that has been recognized by government agencies or other organizations, such as historical associations of non-governmental organizations. In general, it can be said that these places include buildings that are worthy of protection due to their historical importance.

  • Wikipedia edits have a great impact on tourism statistics

This competition is held separately in each of the present countries, and finally 10 selected from each country will enter the international competition. According to the competition officials, users automatically participate in international competitions by participating in local competitions in more than 30 countries.

According to Wikimedia, participating in the competition is very simple. To submit photos to this contest, you must first have or create a Wikimedia account (Global Account for Wikipedia-related projects). Go to their location and take a good photo of the competition; Finally, by returning to the contest site, upload the photos with a clear name, sufficient description, and location of the memorial.

According to Wikipedia's emphasis on copyright and Permitted use of other people's works All submitted photographs, in addition to being required by the user, must be available on Wikimedia Commons and licensed for public use by the copyright owner. It should be noted that by registering through the list of memorabilia, users can determine the permission to use their works in a simple process.

BingMag.com The Iran section of the Wikipedia Memories Photography Competition has started

2018 Featured Photo from Iran
Credit: Alireza Akhlaghi

According to the competition rules, there is no time limit for taking photos, but all photos are for Entries must be uploaded within a one-month period as a country between September 1st and October 31st. For the Iranian photography competition, this time is from October 9 to November 7, 2014.

Photography technique, use in Wikipedia, and the originality and new language of the photo are some of the things that are considered for judging the submitted photos. In addition to the commendation plaque, the world winners will receive a non-cash prize of up to $ 1,500.

It should be noted that this competition started in 2011 and gradually more countries have joined it. This year, for the seventh time, Iran is on the list of participating countries, and so far, Iranian users have presented brilliant works. Including the year 2018, when a photo of Iran ranked first in the world. Photography, Cond Nast Traveler, Wiki Monouments

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