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IPhone Shopping Guide; Which Apple phone is right for you?

BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> <b>Shopping</b> <b>Guide;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>Apple</b> <b>phone</b> is <b>right</b> for you?

In this article, Which is actually a Shopping guide, we will help you find the most suitable IPhone among you according to your budget and needs. Choose different models.

iPhones are one of the best phones that have been considered since birth, and almost no one is unhappy with their purchase. Some people believe that Apple representatives are the best phones in history and with the long-term support they get, they no longer have any competitors in this big industry. Of course, as long as you are not interested in Android and your so-called blood type is compatible with the IPhone and its popular operating system, iOS.

IPhone phones, although famous all over the world, but their popularity in the US market is exemplary. According to the Counterpoint website, Apple had 53% of the market share in the United States by the second quarter of 2021, Which is increasing every year.

The annual sales of Apple products, according to Especially IPhone phones are increasing every year and many users are interested in buying them. If you are one of these people, it is recommended that you do not miss this article Which is considered as a guide for buying IPhone phones.

This article only includes iPhones that are worth buying according to the price and technical specifications. They have a high. So we did not go to the IPhone 12 series at all because we believe that they are not worth buying despite the 13 series. In addition to reviewing all of these iPhones, we will have a few more, such as the best iPhones, the best accessories for Apple phones, a comparison of Android and iOS, and frequently asked questions about these phones. In general, the list of items that we are going to review in this article is as follows:

  • The best IPhone that fits the user's needs
  • The best IPhone
  • IPhone13 Pro Max
  • IPhone 13 Pro
  • IPhone 13
  • IPhone 13 Mini
  • IPhone SE 2020
  • IPhone 11
  • Best IPhone Accessories
  • iOS vs. Android
  • Frequently Asked Questions

The best IPhone to fit the user's needs

Before we take a look at the iPhones and see what sets them apart, we need to remind you that There are good Android phones on the market right now that can meet your needs beyond what you want. But because those who read this article are often looking to buy an iPhone, we will not have any Android phones in this article.

In general, the new phones that are produced in terms of build quality, hardware power, display quality , The camera, and in fact all areas, are better than previous phones. Currently, the IPhone 13 series are the latest representatives of Apple, Which really have unparalleled performance in all areas and can easily overtake their previous generation. Older phones have lower specs, but they're reasonably priced, and that might keep them worth buying. And stops selling them shortly after the introduction of the new series. Of course, these phones can still be purchased from third-party stores, but there is no news of these phones in the official Apple store.

  • You say; Is the Galaxy S22 Ultra worth buying more or the IPhone 13 Pro Max?

The best IPhone

In general, the best iPhones can be found Categorized as follows:

  • The best IPhone of all time: The IPhone 13 Pro Max is currently unrivaled among all iOS phones .
  • The best IPhone for most users: The IPhone 13 Pro can be a great choice for many users due to its convenient size, hardware specifications similar to the Pro Max model and its relatively good price. Ideal and logical.
  • The best IPhone for regular users: If you do not need a telephoto camera or LiDAR sensor and it does not matter if the refresh rate of your phone is 60 or 120 Hz, IPhone 13 can be for you It is the best option because it has a great price and extremely powerful hardware specifications.
  • The best IPhone in terms of compactness: IPhone 13 Mini for those users who are looking for A small and compact phone and at the same time powerful and p Features are a great option.
  • Best iPhone: The IPhone SE 2020, with its 4.7-inch high-end hardware, looks like the old flagships It has Apple, but its hardware power is similar to the IPhone 11 series. While Apple has priced it at less than $ 500 to be one of the most valuable iPhones in history. Of course if the battery life is high fashion You do not mind.
  • Old but valuable: If you do not consider the IPhone SE 2020 a good choice, the IPhone 11 could definitely be the right choice for you. This phone, Which was named the best-selling phone of 2020, has good technical specifications, as well as a suitable size and price, so that there is no discussion.

IPhone 13 Pro Max; The best phone in every way

BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> <b>Shopping</b> <b>Guide;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>Apple</b> <b>phone</b> is <b>right</b> for you?

We call the IPhone 13 Pro Max the best phone in every way This is a performance that this product has shown in the market for several months. The IPhone 13 Pro Max takes all the features of the IPhone 13 series to the next level to become one of the best flagships of today.

Among the good features of this phone that make it Best of all, the 6.7-inch display is so high quality that DisplayMate chose it as the best display last year. The display supports 120Hz refresh rate, Which activates high refresh rate with a user touch to save energy. The notch size on the screen has also been reduced to make up a large part of the front panel. On the back panel of this product, three large cameras of the main type, ultra-wide and telephoto, are embedded in a square module, along with a three-dimensional LiDAR sensor and flash.

The large size of this phone has Apple also allowed a high-capacity battery to set an unattainable record for various tasks, making it the heaviest IPhone in history. Not surprisingly, the base price of the IPhone 13 Pro Max is $ 1,100, Which you pay for a model with a combination of RAM and 128.6 GB of internal storage. The price of this phone can even increase up to $ 1600, Which is actually the price of a model with the same amount of RAM but 1 terabyte of internal memory.

Strengths of IPhone 13 Pro Max

  • Large, high-quality display with 120Hz refresh rate
  • Best camera system of all iPhones
  • Exemplary build quality
  • Largest battery with Longer life than any other flagship phone on the market

Weaknesses of the IPhone 13 Pro Max

  • The largest and heaviest IPhone in history
  • Very high price for 1 TB model

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