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IPhone SE 3 vs. SE 2; Battle of cheap ‌ iPhones

BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE 3 <b>vs.</b> SE 2; <b>Battle</b> of <b>cheap</b> <b>‌</b> iPhones

Last night, Apple unveiled the IPhone SE 3, which is apparently no different from its predecessor. But the new model has a better chipset, supports 5G internet and can take better photos. In this article, we are going to discuss the differences between the two phones to see if the new generation is a significant upgrade or not.

Design and display

with While the IPhone SE 3 is an affordable phone overall, almost none of its high-end handsets have the old-fashioned design. In terms of black and red, there is no difference between the two generations, but the white color of the new model is slightly different from the previous model. The body dimensions of both models are exactly the same, but in the meantime, the weight of the IPhone SE 3 has decreased by 4 grams to 144 grams.

BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE 3 <b>vs.</b> SE 2; <b>Battle</b> of <b>cheap</b> <b>‌</b> iPhones For both models, Apple has used a 4.7-inch LCD display with a resolution of 750 by 1334 pixels, which does not support the HDR standard. Also, as expected, we again have the Home button with the Touch ID, not the Face ID.

Performance and Software

The most important feature of the IPhone SE 3 uses the powerful A15 chipset. Although a small group of users will use the full power of this chip, but the use of this chipset allows users to use their phone safely for several years without loss of performance. We should also mention the more attractive features for the camera, which is made possible thanks to the use of this chipset.

In terms of software updates, we must say that the second generation IPhone SE can update the software in about 2-3 years. But users will benefit from iOS updates for at least another 5 years by purchasing IPhone SE 3. We should also mention the support of the new model of 5G Internet, which is very important for users in developed countries.


BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE 3 <b>vs.</b> SE 2; <b>Battle</b> of <b>cheap</b> <b>‌</b> iPhones

Over the past few months, some rumors have been circulating that the IPhone SE 3 might have a better camera, but this expectation did not materialize. Instead, Apple has decided to focus more on enhanced image processing to improve the quality of captured images. Also, due to the use of the A15 chipset, the IPhone SE 3 has more to say in terms of video recording and can record videos with less noise, especially in low-light environments.

Battery life >

One of the limitations of using a small body is that it is not possible to use a large battery, but although the battery capacity of the IPhone SE 3 has not increased compared to the previous generation, but Apple has been able to use different methods. Increase its battery life. According to official figures released by the company, the IPhone SE 3 has a battery life of 15 hours for video playback, while the previous generation battery lasts for 13 hours. For comparison, we can refer to IPhone 11 and IPhone 13, which have 17 and 19 hours of battery life, respectively.

BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE 3 <b>vs.</b> SE 2; <b>Battle</b> of <b>cheap</b> <b>‌</b> iPhones

So while the IPhone SE 3 hasn't improved significantly in terms of battery life, overall we can't hide the increase in battery life. Also, like the previous generation, the charging speed of this phone reaches 20 watts. This means that using an Apple-made charger, the battery charge can be reduced from 0 to 30% in 15 minutes, and it takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery.

Unlike many low-cost phones, these two IPhone SE models They support wireless charging, and users interested in this feature can take advantage of it. We have used the old one and we do not see the slightest change in this regard. But on the other hand, users can take advantage of the best mobile chip, 5G internet and the possibility of capturing better images. We should also mention the $ 30 price difference between the two phones, which is very low. But for all the users who use IPhone SE 2, the third generation of this phone is not an attractive upgrade, but this phone can attract the attention of users of very old iPhones and a number of users of Android phones.

In your opinion, this Can the phone get a lot of attention thanks to the use of a powerful chipset? Leave your comments with us and others in the comments section.

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Source: PhoneArena

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