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The iPhone SE 5G is the first phone made of low carbon aluminum

The iPhone SE 5G, or iPhone SE 3, appears to be the first Apple phone to be made of low-carbon aluminum by an American company.

Apple has revised many of its environmental policies and invested a whopping $ 4.7 billion in the project. From now on, the American company intends to use materials that are sure to cause the least damage to the environment in the construction of its products, their packaging, and in general, anything that may cause harm to the environment.

iPhone SE 5G is apparently the first product of this project, in which Apple made environmental health its first priority. This move can be considered somewhat clever because the iPhone SE 5G, as the cheapest Apple phone that also supports 5G high-speed network, will have very high sales, and Apple, knowing this, decided to build it to some extent. If possible, act healthy. So a phone may not have much of an impact on environmental protection, but when we consider it multimillion in size, it will definitely have an impact.

BingMag.com The <b>iPhone</b> SE 5G is the <b>first</b> <b>phone</b> <b>made</b> of <b>low</b> <b>carbon</b> aluminum

In this regard, the company used low carbon aluminum in the production of its new iPhone SE, which is produced through the new technology of ELYSIS company. In this process, the amount of carbon is removed as much as possible, thus protecting the environment to a great extent. This new aluminum smelting technology can produce pure aluminum, which is much healthier, by releasing oxygen instead of greenhouse gases. The CEO of ELYSIS also said in this regard:

This is the first time that aluminum is produced with this level of purity, without releasing any greenhouse gases. The sale of these aluminum to a company like Apple also confirms how much the industry is interested in using our aluminum, which is melted down with innovative technology.

Apple decided in 2020 to eliminate chargers and handsfree Protect the environment from inside the box. A decision that suddenly boosted the American company's $ 6.5 billion profit; This is not just because of the removal of the charger and handsfree from the box, which means that this huge amount does not include the profit from the sale of accessories that were sold separately as a result of this decision. This decision, however, is admirable. It benefits both the user and the environment that the company pays more attention to the manufacturing process of its products instead of removing the charger and handsfree from the box, but in the first case, only the manufacturer benefits and the environment stays with the chargers and handsfree that are loaded. Others are sold separately in large packages.

aluminum is therefore used by large smartphone companies, which is very light and durable at the same time. This is why we see that some phones, although large in size, are relatively light in weight. Other reasons can be related to beautiful appearance, high colorability, low price, thermal conductivity and related.

Source: PhoneArena

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