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IPhone SE 2022 vs. iPhone 11; Which one is worth buying more?

BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more?

In this article, we will compare the two IPhone SE 2022 and IPhone 11, Which are actually two completely different generations, to see Which one They are worth buying more; Old but still popular product or new product with 5G internet support but small display? Join us.


When we talk about economical iPhones, the name SE comes to mind subconsciously. The product that Apple launched several years ago as a low-cost model of its flagships so that users with limited budgets can experience the pleasure of an iPhone. After more than 5 years, Apple launched two other models of IPhone SE, Which can be said to be a phone with a different processor. This also made users less inclined to buy the new model, while the first model (2020) appeared really bright.

However, the IPhone SE 2022 is currently the only cheap Apple phone. Which has the most powerful hardware in it and therefore, users consider it a valuable choice for the price they pay for it. But did you know that there is a bigger phone with a better battery, a better display, fewer bezels around the screen, a nicer, more modern look, touch navigation, etc., Which is not much more expensive than the IPhone SE 2022?

What we are talking about is the IPhone 11. The product is currently priced at around $ 500, and you can even find second-hand models at a lower price that are of good quality. The price for the IPhone SE 2022 is $ 430, so the difference between them is $ 70. Both phones have a number of advantages over each other, but in the end, in this case, one of them wins. Which do you think will be the winner?

In this article, we will examine the differences between the IPhone SE 2022 and the IPhone 11, and finally point out the strengths and weaknesses of each of them to help you choose the best Cheap IPhone help available. So let's start the review without wasting time.

A brief look at the differences between the IPhone SE 2022 and the IPhone 11

  • The IPhone SE is smaller, more compact and lighter./li>
  • The IPhone 11 has a larger display with a slight bezel around it.
  • The IPhone 11 uses a Face ID, but on the IPhone SE 2022 we see a touch ID on the hardware key.
  • The IPhone 11 has a better main camera and an ultra-wide camera.
  • The IPhone 11 supports touch navigation, but the IPhone SE uses a hardware key.
  • The IPhone SE has about 70 The dollar is cheaper.
  • The IPhone SE has a much more powerful processor and is better in terms of updates.


  • Design and Display
  • Hardware performance
  • Camera
  • Audio system quality
  • Battery life
  • Conclusion

Design and display


Phone name IPhone SE 2022 IPhone 11 Dimensions and weight 7.3 67.3 138.4 mm - 144 g 8.3 5 75.7 150.9 mm - 194 g 4.7-inch display size Equipped with 6.1-inch ID-ID Touch-equipped Facade Quality Glass and Aluminum Standard waterproof glass and aluminum IP67 - Waterproof to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes IP68 - Waterproof with Depth 2 meters for 30 minutes

We start with the design; Where the biggest difference between the two products is seen. At first glance, the different sizes of the two products distinguish them. The IPhone SE 2022 has a 4.7-inch display, Which makes it relatively small compared to the 6.1-inch IPhone 11. Of course, this size is not just about height, in general, the old phone is taller, thicker and heavier. So perhaps the IPhone SE 2022 is an ideal phone for those with a smaller hand. They are small, it is a very good choice, because it fits easily in the pocket and it is very easy to work with one hand. On the other hand, the IPhone 11 is not a very big phone, but it is bigger than the IPhone SE. Apple, on the other hand, has minimized the margins around the screen, but on the IPhone SE, you'll see a lot of margins on both the top and bottom, reminiscent of older iPhones.

BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more?

Both phones are made of high quality materials, but the IPhone 11 is IP68 and SE waterproof. It has the IP67 standard, so that Apple's old dealer can perform better against water penetration. The back panel of both phones is simple, except that the IPhone 11 has two cameras inside a square-shaped module and the SE has one camera on the panel itself. Takes. There is also a significant difference on the front panel. With the addition of a hardware key to the bottom of the screen, Apple had to consider large margins in this section as well as at the top of the screen to maintain balance. On the other hand, the IPhone 11 does not have any special edges at the bottom of the screen due to the built-in face recognition sensor inside a relatively large notch, and the phone has a more modern look. Screen resolution 1334 750 pixels 1792 8 828 pixels Density 326 pixels per inch 326 pixels per inch Refresh resolution 60 Hz 60 Hz screen-to-body ratio 65 4 90 3

There is a series of screens, but there is a series of nights . For example, both phones have an LCD panel that has both the same brightness and image density. All the technologies that the IPhone 11 display supports are also used by the IPhone SE display. As a result, the difference is not very significant in this section. Of course, the resolution of the old phone is a little higher.

But if the details are important to you, it is recommended to check the table below, because the difference between the screens of the two phones is very accurate and so on. You can get a better idea of the difference between them.

Phone name Maximum brightness (more better) Minimum brightness (less better) Contrast (more better) Gamma color temperature Delta error rate in RGBCMY display (less better) Error rate Delta in Gray Display (Less Better) IPhone SE 2022 672 (Excellent) 3.1 (Excellent) 1: 1299 (Excellent) 6468 (Excellent) 2.26 1.25 (Excellent) 2.35 (Good) IPhone 11 682 (Excellent) 2.08 (Excellent) 1: 1590 (Excellent) 6922 (Excellent) 2.24 1.70 (Excellent) 4.84 (Medium) BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more?

Hardware and Software Performance

Phone Name IPhone SE 2022 IPhone 11 OS iOS 15.4 (Default) iOS 13 ( Default) A15 bionic (5nm) processor - six cores with 2 + 4 combination - two cores with frequency 3.23 and four cores with 1.82 GHz A13 bionic (7nm) 2.65 GHz Cores and 1.8 GHz Quad Cores Graphics Graphics 4 Cores Apple Graphics 4 Cores Apple Graphics Combined RAM and Internal Memory 4/64, 4/128, 4/256 GB 4/64, 4/128, 4/256 GB Remaining Support Time About 5 Years About 3 Years

We all know that Apple is passionate about speed and always equips its handsets with the best and fastest chips available. It does not matter if the phone you are buying is SE or economical or flagship, Apple phones are so fast that you can work with them at high speed for several years. So in this respect, neither of the two phones will disappoint you. But the question is Which one is faster?

It goes without saying that the IPhone SE 2022 is much faster due to the chip used in the IPhone 13 series. In terms of age, the two phones are three years apart, so normally we did not expect the IPhone 11 to be faster and more powerful than the IPhone SE, let alone now that we see the use of incredibly powerful processors in the cheap Apple dealership.

Although both phones can meet the needs of users no matter what, the A15 is surprisingly faster and can delight you with its high speed. Of course, you can not feel the difference in speed unless you do a really challenging and heavy task for both phones, because the A13 is also a powerful processor. But that does not change the fact that the IPhone SE can stay with you longer and meet your needs. 4749

  • IPhone 11 score in Geekbench, single-core and multi-core benchmarks: 1328 - 3192
  • Also in terms of software IPhone SE has the upper hand because it will be released in 2022 and according to Apple policy, it will be updated for at least 5 years. This means that when Apple unveils the 18 Series iPhone, SE 2022 users should get the latest updates. Meanwhile, the IPhone 11 will be updated for three years in the most optimistic case possible. Another advantage that weighs the scales in favor of the IPhone SE 2022.


    Name of the IPhone SE 2022 IPhone 11 12-megapixel main camera with aperture of f/1.8 12-megapixel with aperture Aperture f/1.8 No wide-angle camera 12 megapixels with f/2.4 aperture 4K video quality at 24/30/60 fps - 1080P at 30/60/120/240 fps 4K 24/30/60 frames per second - 1080P speed 30/60/120/240 frames per second 7-megapixel selfie camera with f/2 2 aperture 12 megapixels with f/2 2 aperture 1080P video quality at 30/120 frames/4K at 24/30 60fps - 1080P at 30/60/120p

    The IPhone SE 2022, as mentioned at the beginning, has one camera while its older brother has two on the back panel. Since the SE is an economical phone, we did not expect it to be very well equipped, but when we pay around $ 450 for a phone, we at least expect the phone to have an ultra-wide camera. But Apple did not think much about user expectations, and the result was a very poor sale. Be on the list of the best-selling phones in the world. In terms of camera quality, it also performs really well, and because it also uses an ultra-wide camera, it leaves the user free to capture images with a variety of effects.

    With all these interpretations, the powerful A15 chip can be He knew the rescue agent SE. Thanks to this powerful and fast chip, Apple was able to equip the IPhone SE single camera with features such as Photographic Styles and the Smart HDR 4 engine, Which allows colors to be displayed more accurately, contrast to be adjusted and noise to be minimized. These are features that the IPhone 11 lacks.

    But when it comes to camera quality, nothing but captured images can tell us the difference between the two. So let's look at the pictures below to see exactly what the difference is between the IPhone SE 2022 and the IPhone 11.

    BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more?BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more?

    The difference is not very noticeable when we look at the images recorded in daylight. But in the night light the story changes completely. It goes without saying that the IPhone SE 2022, thanks to Apple's new image processing system, tends to show slightly warmer colors. This is especially evident in the image captured on a sunny day.

    BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more? BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more?

    In night light, the IPhone 11 seems to have captured a better image thanks to night mode. Apple considered the IPhone SE 2022 so economical that it did not even add night mode to its camera. This shows that in general, in the process of making this phone, no effort has been made except to open the previous IPhone SE and replace the A15 chip with A13!

    In the video recording section, although in terms of color display, there is a difference between the two phones It can be seen because the IPhone 11 shows slightly saturated colors, but the difference is not so great and significant that we can say that one phone definitely performs better than another. In general, the difference between the two phones shows when you shoot in the night light. Because the IPhone SE 2022 does not support night mode, as a result, images are recorded completely artificial, noisy and without detail. It should be noted that in terms of selfie camera shooting, the IPhone 11 has a higher hand because it can record video in 4K resolution, while this amount is limited to 1080P in the IPhone SE 2022 selfie camera.

    System quality Audio

    Because the IPhone SE 2022 is a very small phone, Apple has not been able to install powerful speakers. As a result, although this product uses a stereo speaker, it does not have as loud and clear sound quality as it usually does from Apple phones. We expect. On the other hand, the IPhone 11 is not much better. Note that the quality of the audio system on both phones is really great, but compared to the newer and larger iPhones, their performance is poorer and on the other hand, neither is better than the other; Of course, we can say that we did not expect more than that.

    Note that neither of these two phones uses a headphone jack, and the user must either use wired handsfree with Lightning conversion or buy AirPads to Connect to the phone via Bluetooth.

    Battery life and charging speed

    Phone name IPhone SE 2022 IPhone 11 Battery capacity 2018 mAh 3110 mAh Charger speed 20 watts 18 watts Charger with product No In the new models, no

    BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more?

    one of the biggest limitations of the IPhone SE 2022, Which we see again due to its small size, length Low battery life. In fact, Apple could no longer use a larger battery in this phone because it did not have a certain amount of free space. As a result, it resorted to a 2018 mAh battery to power the small iPhone. On the other hand, the IPhone 11, thanks to its thicker body and larger size, has a very good battery that can accompany users for longer periods of time during the day.

    10 o'clock 50 o'clock IPhone 11 17 o'clock 10 o'clock 65 o'clock

    As you can see, the IPhone SE is not far behind the IPhone 11, and in fact we can say that it was the A15 again that made such a result. Of course, in general, the IPhone 11 has a better performance that you can feel during the day. Especially if you want to work with your phone in combination.

    Charging speeds are relatively high on both phones, Which also support Apple's fast charger. Of course, the IPhone SE 2022 supports Apple's 20-watt fast charger, but the IPhone 11 supports an 18-watt charger. Eventually, though, both phones will charge at the same 18-watt speed. It is therefore advisable to get a 20-watt charger for both to charge your phone at the highest speed.

    Both phones also support wireless charging technology, but neither supports Magsif. It should be noted that the charger is not in the box of either of these two phones. Of course, you might say that Apple's new policy came into force a year after the release of the IPhone 11, but we have to say that in the new models, Apple also removed the charger from the box of the IPhone 11 so that the two phones are equal in this respect./p>


    BingMag.com <b>IPhone</b> SE <b>2022</b> <b>vs.</b> <b>IPhone</b> <b>11;</b> <b>Which</b> <b>one</b> is <b>worth</b> <b>buying</b> more?

    Finally we come to the question of Which phone performs better and Is it worth buying more? According to the reviews above, if you want to have a phone that is suitable for today's business, you should draw a line around the IPhone SE 2022. Now, no matter how powerful this processor is, it is not going to be just a processor. The fact that you see a lot of margins around the screen, the screen itself is less than 5 inches in size and the quality is not too high shows that this new processor has all its power on paper, otherwise what can be done with a 4.7-inch screen? Did you need an A15 chip for it?

    I personally would rather have a phone with very high hardware power but be able to use all of this hardware potential, rather than have a small phone that is amazing It is powerful. Imagine enjoying gaming on a 4.7-inch screen? How about watching movies, editing videos and photos and things like that? The philosophy behind the SE series is quite clear. Apple wanted to pocket money now that there were more fans of small phones, but did not know it could not go that far.

    The IPhone 11 is a more complete, better, and more valuable pack overall. Of course, not using 5G internet may make users a little hesitant, because this technology should eventually be widespread in another two years. If this happens, then the phone will not be able to download content from the web at the highest speed available. Of course, for users living in our country, 5G and 4G do not seem to make much difference.

    In general, if you are a user who spends a lot of time with the phone, playing games, watching movies, surfing the web. And in some cases, the IPhone 11 is a better choice, as it has a larger screen and does not get bored after a while. Add to that the longer battery life, an ultra-wide camera, and a more modern and beautiful design to see if this old product is still worth buying.

    But on the other hand, if you are a user who has a You are literally interested in the small phone, and ironically you would like this small phone to have a very old design, similar to the phones of Apple 5 years ago, IPhone SE 2022 is a better option. A very compact, inexpensive product with a decent battery life and extremely high hardware power that also gives you a sense of nostalgia.

    Strengths IPhone 11 (overall compared to IPhone SE 2022)

    • IP68 waterproof standard
    • processor that still has high processing power and graphics
    • Long battery life
    • one more camera
    • High quality selfie videos
    • Larger display
    • More modern and beautiful design

    Weaknesses of IPhone 11 (in general and compared to IPhone SE 2022)

    • Large notch on the screen that has reduced its beauty
    • Low resolution display
    • No use of 5G
    • No use of in-box charger
    • No use of 3.5mm jack
    • Lack of night mode in ultra-wide camera

    Strengths of IPhone SE 2022 (in general and compared to IPhone 11)

    • High build quality
    • Resistance standard IP67
    • Small and compact design
    • Suitable battery life compared to the previous generation
    • Benefit from the fastest and most powerful World CPU
    • Good quality main camera
    • 5G internet usage

    Weakness of IPhone SE 2022 (in general and compared to IPhone 11)

    • Old and not very beautiful design
    • No noticeable upgrade compared to the previous generation (except for the processor )
    • Camera does not support night mode
    • 60 Hz display While many full-price phones have a 120 or 90 Hz display
    • Lack of charger in the box
    • Do not use the 3.5 mm jack

    Alternative option: If you are looking for a product that has all the benefits of both phones together Yes, you can have a look at the IPhone 13 mini. A flagship that should actually be considered an improved version of the IPhone 11, but its display is slightly smaller. The IPhone 13 can also be a good option, as its price is relatively high. But if you can get a second-hand model, it's worth buying a lot more than the two phones in this review.

    With all these interpretations, Which will be your choice between IPhone SE 2022 and IPhone 11? Was it?

    Source: PhoneArena

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