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iPhone processing power in Galaxy; Samsung hired Apple's chip specialist

BingMag.com <b>iPhone</b> <b>processing</b> <b>power</b> in <b>Galaxy;</b> <b>Samsung</b> <b>hired</b> <b>Apple's</b> <b>chip</b> specialist

In order to improve its performance in the chip department, Samsung decided to hire Apple's chip designer Kim Woo-pyong.

Although Samsung is considered one of the largest active companies in the field of chip production, its performance in this sector is not acceptable at all. For several years, the chips of the Korean company have been exhibiting very poor performance, which is manifested either in excessive heat, or a drop in performance after a period of heavy pressure, or in energy consumption most of all.

This performance from a company that releases the best Android flagships to the market is not acceptable at all. For example, the Galaxy S22 series, which were made available in different markets with the Exynos 2200 chip, used graphics that AMD collaborated with Samsung to build. A very powerful company in the field of graphics chip production, we expected that the performance of the Korean company would improve with the start of its cooperation with Samsung, which not only did not happen, but the Exynos 2200 appeared even worse than its previous generation.

Sooner or later the Korean company has to improve its performance in this area, which seems to be happening. According to Business Korea, apparently, one of Apple's senior experts is also planning to help Samsung. An expert who, of course, no longer works for Apple. According to recent rumors, Samsung has created a powerful team of 1,000 people called Dream Platform One in order to achieve its goal.

Samsung's goal is to produce exclusive chips for the company's phones. Previously, Samsung produced chips that could be sold to rival companies such as Google and Xiaomi, but the company now wants to use these chips only in its own phones. Because of this policy, there was always a trade-off between Samsung's chip manufacturing and phone manufacturing divisions. But Samsung apparently wants to follow Apple's policy in this field and produce chips that are exclusively used only for Galaxy phones. These chips are also scheduled to be unveiled in 2025. Therefore, there is at least 2 more years until that date.

Samsung and Apple's hiring of chip designer to improve processor production

BingMag.com <b>iPhone</b> <b>processing</b> <b>power</b> in <b>Galaxy;</b> <b>Samsung</b> <b>hired</b> <b>Apple's</b> <b>chip</b> specialist

According to a report that reached us today, Samsung has hired former Apple employee Kim Woo-pyong as the director of its chip production department. Kim previously worked at Qualcomm, but joined the Apple team in 2014 and worked there for 9 years. Unfortunately, this report did not mention exactly what other duties Kim has, but considering his expertise in this field, it is unlikely that he will be a simple employee.

The interesting point is that these two companies are in the departments Different, they have many conflicts with each other. It was recently that Apple claimed that Samsung stole its technologies in the past and used them in its phones. Even because of this case, the work of two companies was brought to court. But apparently this process continues and is not going to end. For example, in 2012, Samsung hired Lucy Julia, who was one of Apple's employees in the Siri voice assistant department, and now Kim Woo Pyeong. Exynos mobile chips will work or not. Because Apple does not only design its chips for iPhones, but also uses them in Macs, smart watches, iPads, etc. So maybe Kim will eventually be used in another sector altogether.

Samsung has already started the production of its 3nm chips, which is said to be 23% in terms of processing and 45% in terms of energy consumption. It will have better performance than 5nm technology. It remains to be seen whether this will happen in practice.

Source: PhoneArena

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