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The iPhone may diagnose depression and autism in the future

Apple Watch and iPhone have long been providing a variety of health monitoring services to users, but Apple is working to improve the mental health monitoring of its next-generation products. Also support. In this way, one can hope for features such as diagnosing depression with the iPhone and Apple Watch.

In a new report, the Wall Street Journal points to Apple's ambitious move toward diagnosing mental illness by the iPhone and Apple Watch. According to the report, the company has started research in collaboration with various scientific centers to develop this new technology in the field of mental health. The new technology aims to identify diseases such as depression, autism and cognitive impairment in iPhone and Apple Watch users. Gets help. Apple is also increasingly diversifying its wearable products and equipping them with various sensors to improve the health characteristics of the company's ecosystem. (Nasim Darya) is mentioned as a result of the company's cooperation with the University of California.

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One of the most important data examined in this study is Tracking is the use of the keyboard. To be more precise, the user's typing speed and the amount of typing errors are examined. User-written text content may also be examined in this research.

Another piece of data relates to iPhone camera and audio sensors that measure a user's facial expressions and speech. In addition, information about sleep patterns, mobility, and general health collected by the Apple Watch is also examined in this study.

BingMag.com The iPhone may diagnose depression and autism in the future

The Cupertinoites hope to complete their research and develop an algorithm capable of automatically detecting symptoms of depression and stress. To ensure the accuracy of this information, it is necessary to compare everything with other reliable sources.

If this project is successful, the final feature can warn the user and get him/her to receive medical advice. Encourage. But if Apple fails to develop a reliable algorithm, this feature may be discarded.

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It is undeniable that such features require access to large amounts of data. This may raise user privacy concerns. As a result, in developing the algorithm in question, Apple must be careful not to send sensitive user information to any server.

This research may not lead to a usable result

Apple is also working with a pharmaceutical company called Biogen on another research project, codenamed Pi, to study cognitive impairments. The two-year project is also set to scrutinize data collected by the Apple Watch and iPhone on a larger scale. People at high risk for cognitive impairment have been included in this study. People with cognitive impairment are believed to use their devices differently.

Again, to ensure accurate information, everything should be compared with data collected from more reliable sources. In this particular case, standard brain health tests and scans that examine the structure of the brain plate are considered valid sources.

There is another project that focuses on children with autism and in collaboration Ongoing with Duke University. This study relies heavily on the iPhone camera to monitor children's mobility as well as how they focus.

Source: Phone Arena

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