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The iPhone 14 series will be equipped with OLED displays from Samsung, LG and BOE

Although there have been rumors recently that Chinese company BOE will not release OLED displays for the new Apple iPhone 14 series, the latest news shows that Apple is on duty. The new iPhone 14 series OLED displays are still the responsibility of the three iPhone 13 series display manufacturers, namely Samsung, LG and BOE.

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This news was published by the research company "Omdia", according to which the Apple iPhone 14 series is equipped with the latest LTPS and LTPO OLED displays from Samsung, BOE and LG Display. will be. According to the company, Samsung will be the largest supplier of OLED screens to Apple phones this year, as the Korean tech giant will produce the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 13 in 2022. LG Display, meanwhile, supplies the OLED displays of the iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The Chinese company BOE, meanwhile, is solely responsible for supplying the OLED display for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 for 2022.

BingMag.com The <b>iPhone</b> 14 <b>series</b> will be <b>equipped</b> with <b>OLED</b> <b>displays</b> <b>from</b> <b>Samsung,</b> LG and BOE

The company report also mentions several key details of the iPhone 14 series displays. iPhone 14 and 14 Max will be equipped with LTPS OLED panels. The iPhone 14 appears to have a higher refresh rate than the previous generation, but its upgrade rate as an LTPO panel may not vary. In terms of design, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max feature a display on the front panel that hosts a capsule-shaped cavity next to a circular cavity, which is likely to house the selfie camera and Facebook ID sensors. The models are also expected to have a camera sensor that will make them the best smartphone cameras of 2022.

But the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will still benefit from the iPhone 13 series display cavity design. . The report also claims that Apple is developing sub-screen camera technology for Facebook to reduce the number of display holes in Apple's flagship Pro models by 2024.

Finally, the Omdia report predicts that Apple in By 2022, it will order about 205 million LTPS and LTPO displays to its suppliers, and the display division is as follows: Samsung 60%, LG about 25% and BOE 15% of Apple monitor orders./p>

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Apart from this category, it is said that the iPhone 14 Pro, which is equipped with a 6-inch display/1 inch, with a possible price of $ 1099 will be available to users. The iPhone 14 Pro Max, meanwhile, reportedly has a 7.6-inch display and is priced at $ 1,199 for the smartphone market. In its report, Apple mentioned the prominence of the iPhone 14 Pro models. He considers the main reason for increasing the thickness of the camera module to be the use of the new camera. In recent years, all iPhone models have been offered with a 12-megapixel main camera. But now, after years of waiting, Apple has decided to use a 48-megapixel main camera for the iPhone 14 Pro models. The sensor size of this camera is said to be about 25 to 35 percent larger than the previous generation, and we should also mention a 5 to 10 percent increase in height.

BingMag.com The <b>iPhone</b> 14 <b>series</b> will be <b>equipped</b> with <b>OLED</b> <b>displays</b> <b>from</b> <b>Samsung,</b> LG and BOE

On the other hand, the iPhone 14 and 14 Max have much smaller camera protrusions and, unlike the Pro models, will ship with dual camera systems. No major news has been released about the ultra-wide and telephoto sensors of this series of phones. Rumor has it that using a periscope sensor to enhance the digital zoom on these phones seems unlikely. Automatically available to users. It should be noted that the wider aperture allows more light to pass through the lens and reach the selfie camera sensor on the iPhone 14 models.

Source: Gizmochina

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