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IPhone 13 Mini vs. iPhone 12 Mini; What we know so far

BingMag.com IPhone 13 Mini vs. iPhone 12 Mini; What we know so far

In this article, we will compare the iPhone 13 Mini with the iPhone 12 Mini to see if Apple has been able to upgrade its best-selling representative last year to some extent. Whether it will sell better or not.

The iPhone was unveiled 12 years ago for those users who were interested in small phones. Apple had already made a good profit from selling the iPhone 11 as a 6.1-inch phone, and the 4.7-inch iPhone SE 2020 had a superb performance in the market. But this phone was a mid-range phone and did not have very attractive features. Thus, the American company decided to launch a flagship in small sizes this time. It so happened that we saw a 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini hoping that the success of the small iPhone SE would be repeated. It caused Apple to stop production and shift its focus to larger phones. One of the main reasons for the iPhone 12 Mini's failure was the small battery it used. This battery could not meet the needs of today's users at all, so it was natural that many users were not interested in buying it. The next case was the small number of people who were willing to pay around $ 700 for a phone of this size, albeit a powerful one, because there were more valuable options to choose from.

Another reason for the iPhone 12's lack of popularity The Mini was a small number of users who were interested in small phones, while they showed so much enthusiasm that even Apple did not realize that their number was really small. Because of the low sales of this phone, many thought that the American company would not launch a model with a small screen in the next generation, but this did not happen. It seems that all the work was done to produce the iPhone 13 mini and the company had no choice but to supply it. That's why it is said that next year will definitely not be a model called the Mini.

The iPhone 13 Mini, however, as a replacement for a failed product, should be good enough not to suffer at least the same failure. So we expect Apple to launch this product with much better capabilities; Especially in key areas such as the battery, which was one of the main reasons for the company's failure to sell the iPhone 12 mini.

It seems that the iPhone 13 Mini will definitely improve in terms of battery life, and this issue We have seen it again and again in the news agencies. But this increase in capacity is not enough to change the user experience. However, it can be hoped that this change, however small, will have a positive impact on the sales process. In terms of overall design language, we do not see any significant change, especially since this phone with the same size of 5.4 inches is going to hit the market and uses two cameras on its back panel.

Let's take a closer look at the details of the iPhone 13 and its differences with the iPhone 12. Note that the items we are referring to are based on rumors and news that have been published so far, so they should not be taken for granted.

Examine the differences and similarities between the iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 12 Mini at a glance

  • Design is almost identical except that the new model is slightly thicker and heavier
  • 5.4-inch display with 60Hz refresh rate and OLED panel ( In both phones)
  • A15 processor faster in the new model (A14 in the old model) but the same 4 GB of RAM
  • Cameras with the same sensor (main and ultra-wide) but with features And newer features in the new model
  • Larger battery in the iPhone 13 Mini (2406 compared to 2227 mAh)

Design and display

BingMag.com IPhone 13 Mini vs. iPhone 12 Mini; What we know so far

As mentioned above, we do not see any significant design changes in the new phone. Of course, Apple may change the color of the new product a little, but the physics of the phone itself is unlikely to change. However, with the images released from this phone, it can be said that the rear panel cameras may be arranged diagonally instead of back to back. This is the biggest change we can say in the current news that we will see in the iPhone 13 mini.

iPhone 13 mini, but due to internal changes such as using a larger battery, slightly thicker and therefore heavier than 12 It will be a mini, but for a phone of this size, a little more weight or thickness does not show much and does not matter much.

We do not see any change in the display. While all Android phone manufacturers are launching their flagship series products with 120Hz displays, Apple will offer two standard and mini models of this series with the same 60Hz display, and only the Pro and Pro Max models of the iPhone 13 will be available. Has such an attractive feature. That's why we see no difference at all between the iPhone 13 Mini and the 12 Mini in this section. Very low battery life of this phone. In such a way that even with 60 Hz refresh you can not spend a whole day with it; The standard that most flagships meet. Therefore, the presence of 120Hz refresh rate in this phone had no other benefit than increasing the cost and advertising aspect.

Battery and charger

In the battery section, as mentioned above, witness We are small changes. From the very beginning of the rumors about the phones in this series, we heard that Apple was going to increase the battery capacity of the new iPhones, but we were not sure about that. Although no official news has been released yet, we have seen so much repetition of this news from famous whistleblowers that it seems we will definitely see it.

In fact, increasing the battery life of all phones This is a series and is not limited to the mini model. But it is good that one of the biggest weaknesses of the iPhone 12 mini is going to be covered. Perhaps the only downside to increasing battery life for Apple phones is the increase in weight and thickness, which, as mentioned, because the iPhone 13 is a very small and compact phone, such changes are not very noticeable.>

The exact battery capacity of the iPhone 13 Mini is rumored to be 2406 mAh, which is a good increase compared to the iPhone 12 Mini with a battery capacity of 2227 mAh. The difference between the two batteries is about 179 mAh, equivalent to 8%, which along with the better consumption of the A15 processor can have a very good effect on the overall power consumption of the new phone.

Nothing in the charger section Nothing special is observed. Neither in terms of the difference between the two models nor in terms of the charger speed, nothing surprising can be seen in this section. Apple no longer puts a charger in the box of its phones, so in the worst case, the user has to spend $ 20 to $ 30 to buy a fast charger. Of course, if it does not have a charger for Apple phones. Unfortunately, Apple's fast charger is not fast enough to charge the company's phones at a good speed and eventually reaches 20 watts. The iPhone 12 Mini, with a 2227 mAh battery, was fully charged in about an hour and a half with this charger, and it is expected to take the same time or a little longer to charge the 13 Mini, which is a lot. On the plus side, the iPhone 13 Mini supports wireless charging and magnetic charging, apparently using more powerful magnets this time around.

Hardware; The new A15 chip with 14% better performance than Apple A14

always had the best performance compared to other chip companies, and its chips were unmatched in terms of pure processing power; So that even the Android representatives did not get a score close to the iPhone's score in the benchmark. This superiority will definitely be maintained with the A15 as well, as the A14 last year was even able to compete with the much-anticipated Android processors. The A15 is said to be about 14 percent more powerful and faster. The iPhone 13 Mini, however, will use the same 4GB of RAM alongside this powerful processor, which may not be much, but it should be enough for a unique experience of working with an iOS-based phone.

A part that is not just the iPhone 13 mini, but all the phones in this series will look great in it, wireless connections. We're talking about expanding mobile bandwidth support and 6E WiFi support, which have been added to Apple dealerships. This new Wi-Fi standard is better than the previous version, has less latency, transmits data faster, and supports 6 GHz Wi-Fi, which is more than the current 2.4 and 5 GHz. This way, iPhones can show off their high quality in very crowded places where the internet speed may slow down.


BingMag.com IPhone 13 Mini vs. iPhone 12 Mini; What we know so far

Another part where we should not see many hardware changes is the camera. In terms of hardware, we see the same two cameras with sensors of the same size and application that are installed on the back panel. For the selfie camera, once again, a sensor of the same size and quality is placed inside a relatively large notch on the screen. None of these cameras will feature a surprisingly attractive feature such as multiplier zoom or anything like that.

We will not be. Apple seems to be adding three good changes to its new phone's camera, which we'll explain below.

Cinema Mode: This mode is very similar to It is a portrait but can be used to record video. Previously, we only saw portrait images in photography mode, but this time iPhones are able to blur the background by analyzing the video environment in an instant to create a bokeh effect in the image and focus only the subject.

ProRes Video Recorder: A new format that leaves the user free to do various things while editing video.

AI-based filters: This Filters are much more powerful than what we saw in previous generation phones with regular filters, and allow you to change the color, highlights and shadows on different parts of a subject; Now the subject wants to be humans or objects.

In addition to these changes, recent rumors have suggested that Apple wants to equip the iPhone 13 Mini with a 6-element ultra-wide camera, as well as aperture to Increase f/1.8, which is more open and faster, and will perform much better in absorbing light. Apparently Apple did it to improve the ultra-wide night camera photography experience, and it seems to have done the right thing.

Like all other iPhones in the series, Apple is definitely in a series of parts Like color quality and HDR, it has created positive changes that help capture better, brighter and more beautiful images. It should be noted that the astrophotography mode will apparently be added to the new iPhones, but whether or not we will see it in this model is still uncertain.

Will we see the LiDAR sensor in the iPhone 13 mini?

Early on in the rumors surrounding the iPhone 13 series, it seemed that Apple had only considered the LiDAR sensor for the Pro and Max models, but later rumors surfaced that the American company wanted all of its phones to do this. Benefit from sensors. The latest and most reliable news that we have in this regard, but the equipping of two models, Pro and Pro Max, with this sensor is definite. Therefore, it seems that we should not expect such a sensor in the iPhone 13 mini. We were on the iPad Pro. Since that year, this sensor has been used in more products than Apple, and we have seen it in the iPhone 12 series. According to Apple, the main use of this sensor is for augmented reality, but it is also said that in low light, the presence of this sensor will help the main camera to perform the focusing process faster.

Comparison of technical specifications of iPhone 13 Mini With the iPhone 12 Mini

in general, you can see the difference between the two small Apple Dealers in the table below, which gives us a closer look at what to expect. Again, this information is based on rumors and news that have been published so far about the iPhone 13 and its various models, and we should consider them as a rumor.

Product Name < iPhone 13 Mini iPhone 12 Mini Dimensions and Weight Slightly thicker and heavier 7.4 64.2 131.5 mm - 135 g 5.4-inch display with OLED panel and 60Hz refresh 5.4 Inch with OLED panel and 60Hz refresh processor A15 Bionic A14 Bionic RAM strong> 4 GB 4 GB Internal memory 125/128/256 GB - No support for external memory card 64/128/256 GB - Lack of support for external memory card 12-megapixel main camera - 12-megapixel ultra-wide with 6A lens Aperture f/1.8 - 12-megapixel selfie camera 12-megapixel main - 12-megapixel ultra-wide with 6-element lens and f/2.4 aperture - 12-megapixel selfie camera Battery 2406 mAh 2227 mAh Charging speed 20 watt wired - 15 watt wireless (Magsif) 20 watt wired - 15 watt wireless (Magsif) Price probably $ 730 for the base model This new $ 100 series handset The price will drop to $ 630 for the base model

According to the latest news, the iPhone 13 Mini is set to launch simultaneously with the other three handsets in the series, the Standard, Pro and Pro Max. They will probably be unveiled online on September 14th (September 23rd) during an event. The price of this phone, as you can see in the table, will probably be similar to the previous generation, but it is also possible that due to the increase in the price of parts, we will also see an increase in price.

Source: PhoneArena

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