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iOS is gradually taking over Android's share of the operating system market

BingMag.com <b>iOS</b> is <b>gradually</b> <b>taking</b> <b>over</b> <b>Android's</b> <b>share</b> of the <b>operating</b> <b>system</b> market

Although Android still has a large share of the operating system market, it seems that the rival operating system, iOS, has been able to do so in recent years thanks to Apple's rational and good policies attract positive feedback from users; over the past five years, iOS's share of the operating system market has grown significantly. Has seen a significant decline in the number of its users. Although Google has always tried to add the best and most useful features to its popular operating system, the intense enthusiasm of users for iOS and devices based on it has made the share of Google's operating system less and less. For example, in 2018, Android's market share of smart gadgets was 77.32%, but now it has reached 69.74%.

Looking at iOS's 25.49% market share, perhaps with Tell me, there is still a long way to go between the two old rivals, and iOS may never be able to go that far. But you should also note that with the decline of Android market share, iOS share has increased almost as much. Apple's operating system in the same period, from 2018 until now, has been able to grow by almost 6% and increase its share from 19.4% to 25.49%.

Decrease Android superiority over iOS over the last few years

it is interesting to know that the total share of these two operating systems in the smartphone market has reached a significant 95.23%, not 100% because there are still a series of strange operating systems that may be present. Have you never heard their name or forgotten them? Some of these operating systems are installed on a number of devices for specific purposes, but others are likely to be installed on phones that have been discontinued by the operating system manufacturer but the user is still using the phone. These products include Windows Phone.

BingMag.com <b>iOS</b> is <b>gradually</b> <b>taking</b> <b>over</b> <b>Android's</b> <b>share</b> of the <b>operating</b> <b>system</b> market

Except for Android and iOS, which are currently the main operating systems in the world of smartphones. Other operating systems that are already available and currently in use but no longer supported include Windows Phone, Tizen, and Nokia S40. KaiOS, however, has a different story. The operating system, which is still in place, is Linux-based and is being developed for phones known as feature phones. Such handsets have the basic features of a professional smartphone, including: Internet connection, photography, radio, voice recording, app installation, and more.

By market, iOS has a larger share in the US It has Android (54% vs. 45%). But in regions and countries that are referred to as "developing" countries, Android has a significant advantage. In Asia, for example, Android's market share is 81%, and in some markets, such as South America, it is as high as 90%. Of course, Apple has also grown well in these markets. The American company has been able to attract the positive opinion of many users who have a limited budget to buy a phone, thanks to the supply of cheap, high-quality phones such as the iPhone SE and the standard model of its flagships. (Of course, sales of the SE 2022 have not been very successful.)

It seems that the economic situation has a direct impact on the share sharing between Android and iOS. In Africa, for example, the share of Android and iOS is 84% and 14%, respectively, which shows the complete superiority of Google's operating system. But in the European market, although this advantage is maintained, the difference is not so significant (69.32% vs. 30%).

As long as Apple continues to produce mainly expensive phones and the economic situation of the countries If it stays the same in development, it is unlikely that Android will surrender to iOS any time soon. But this does not mean that Android will continue to grow. Apple is experiencing significant growth in sales of its handsets every year; So iOS users are getting bigger every year, and that could be bad news for Google.

Source: PhoneArena

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