iOS 16 introduced

A few minutes ago, during a developer conference, Apple unveiled the latest version of its operating system, iOS 16, with many and extremely attractive features. iOS 16 introduced

A few minutes ago, during a developer conference, Apple unveiled the latest version of its operating system, iOS 16, with many and extremely attractive features.


The number of good features of iOS 16 is really high, but we will introduce them in a categorized and very brief way.

Lock screen iOS 16 introduced

iOS 16 is the latest version of the iPhone operating system that was unveiled just in time. Apple has included in this version the features that the users of this company have been waiting for for many years, among which we can mention the complete change of the lock menu. Users can now customize the fonts and from applying various color filters. In fact, it is better to say that everything in the lock menu, or lock screen, can now be personalized. It is also possible to add different widgets to the lock screen so that iOS is no longer lagging behind its rival operating system, Android.

The good capabilities of the lock menu do not end there. Users can now select a series of images that the phone offers them as lock screen images and even switch between them so that the screen is no longer monotonous and boring. It may be interesting, but Apple has even made sure that the watch does not appear on the lock screen image and is displayed on the back. An interesting event that is really admirable.

Live screen is another new feature for the lock screen that allows the user to be constantly informed about the status of an application. For example, a contest is being held and the results are updated at any time. You can see these changes live on the lock screen of iPhones equipped with iOS 16. The "Focus" feature, which was unnecessary for filtering notifications, has now been added to the lock screen so that users can only see important notifications on this page.


Apple Messenger Received a very useful and attractive feature that allows users to edit or even Undo their message (as if no message was sent). Also, the exciting SharePlay feature, which, if you remember, was added to Facebook last year and caused quite a stir, is set to be added to Apple Messenger's so that users in the Messenger app can also watch content that their audience shares.

Dictation (speech to text)

The ability to convert speech to text has received a very good and attractive feature. This feature allows them to keep the keyboard open when they issue a voice command, so that the user can instantly switch between different typing modes if they wish. This feature is very useful, especially when the phone can not correctly recognize what you are saying. Then you can use the word or phrase without delay. Users can also select a text and replace it with a selected word by saying a word. The ability to insert punctuation automatically, as well as auto-suggest emoji, is a feature added to Dictation.

Live Text

Live Text in iOS 15 also had some improvements, but Apple has improved it a bit this time around to compete with Google Lens, Google's powerful tool. One of the good features added to this service is the ability to automatically convert currency, which is activated when you are using live text in the camera application. It will also be possible to automatically translate a file when using this service. It should be noted that the ability to scan live text will be added to the translation app on iOS.

Apple Map; New design and support for more countries iOS 16 introduced

Map has been the focus of much attention for several years. Especially since the rival company, Google, also pays a lot of attention to it. Apple Maps is now available in more countries and supports more cities in the United States. Support for signposts, multi-stop routing along the way, the ability to add more stops during the journey through Siri, and are some of the good features that have been added to the map.

Easy child control

Apple has made it much easier to control children in iOS 16. Parents can now set up a new device, such as an iPad, for their children and control them. In addition, the ability to share pictures with family members has been improved, so that now in the iCloud shared image library, up to five family members can share their pictures with each other. Of course, Apple has included a key in its camera app that, when pressed, will allow the captured image to be directly shared in the library. Had.

Safety Check; New and very useful feature iOS 16 introduced

Apple has added a new feature in iOS 16 called Safety Check that more Suitable for couples. Of course, in the source of the news, it is more for women, but according to the explanations, it can be considered suitable for both parties. If a person intends to abuse or engage in violent behavior in a relationship, the other couple can cut off their spouse from accessing all the information he or she has previously shared with him or her. This removes the location from the spouse, resets the privacy settings, and protects the messages. In the meantime, not showing location is especially useful for those who want to escape a dangerous relationship.

Although the features of iOS 16 are more than these, but these features can be the most useful and attractive among Considered them all.

Source: Indian Express

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