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Introduction to Calm application; Practice meditation and sleep well

BingMag.com Introduction to Calm application; Practice meditation and sleep well

If you feel the emptiness of peace in your life, the Calm app can be significantly effective in restoring this important element to the fabric of your life. Be. Join BingMag to learn more about the features of this app.

Peace is a missing element in the lives of many people in today's modern world; Especially in the last two years, when the corona pandemic upset the equations of the world and made millions of people anxious and have various mental and psychological problems due to homelessness and its consequences. But if you are familiar with meditation techniques or so-called meditation, you know how much they can affect the comfort of your body and mind.

Calm app is designed to teach meditation; A product that uses meditation techniques, pleasant sounds of nature, breathing exercises and bedtime stories to make it easier to fall asleep and relieve stress and tension from your body and soul.

BingMag.com Introduction to Calm application; Practice meditation and sleep well

Calm generally consists of three sections: Sleep, Meditate and Music, each of which has its own subcategories and functions. They do something special. Let's start with Meditate, which is the most important part of the application. This section includes exercises such as breathing exercises and mind relaxation that can focus more on the important issues in your life and think less on stressors.

Calm meditation exercises start at 3 minutes and progress as you progress. They take longer, which can be as long as 25 minutes. Strategies for coping with stress, concentration, deep sleep, happiness, strategies to prevent judgment and anger, and topics that you will encounter in Calm app meditation exercises. Of course, to use this content, you must also be fluent in English.

BingMag.com Introduction to Calm application; Practice meditation and sleep well

But the Sleep section In turn, it is attractive. In this section, bedtime stories will be told to you, the number of which reaches more than 100. These stories all have soothing background music to help you experience a more comfortable sleep.

We talked about sleep. In addition to music suitable for meditation and concentration, the Calm app has a wonderful archive of natural sounds such as the sound of rain and sea waves and the blaze of a forest fire, etc., which appear to clear the mind before going to bed. . You can also use these sounds to help you practice yoga.

BingMag.com Introduction to Calm application; Practice meditation and sleep well

Important point about Calm and its benefits Its competition over other similar examples is its extraordinary meditation programming. Depending on your level, Calm can offer 7 to 21 day meditation programs. If you do these exercises correctly and on time, do not doubt that you will notice a huge change in your mental and physical relaxation. Of course, you should note that not all Calm features are free from the start, and some of them will require subscriptions. Become a customer and do not spend your nights without it in the morning. Calm application has been released for Android and iOS platforms, which you can download from the following links.

Download from Google Play Download from App Store

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