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Introducing the Voila application; Become a cartoon with one click!

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> the <b>Voila</b> application; <b>Become</b> a <b>cartoon</b> <b>with</b> <b>one</b> click!

In this article, we want to introduce the Voila application, which is one of the most trendy applications for converting photos to animation and painting.

cartoon selfies of people. It is safe to say that most of these images were created thanks to the Voila app, an app that has been viral for a long time and is still attracting new fans. (Whether selected from the gallery or taken in-app selfies) Artistically and realistically transforms into paintings, two-dimensional, three-dimensional and three-dimensional cartoon characters. This application also has other effects, the most interesting of which is the Renaissance filter; A filter that makes your pictures and selfies look like medieval paintings. But there is no doubt that among the filters in this application, cartoon 3D filter has been more popular and attractive to users. with this filter, everyone can look like the princesses and princes of Walt Disney cartoons!

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> the <b>Voila</b> application; <b>Become</b> a <b>cartoon</b> <b>with</b> <b>one</b> click!

Using the Voila app It is very simple because of its optimal and user-friendly interface. To use this app, all you have to do is select the desired image from the gallery or take a selfie right away. Then you can select one of the app filters and wait for the magic of Voila. It is interesting to know that all Voila filters have different modes, which is one of the very positive features of this app. For example, the cartoon 3D filter includes two modes, Baby 3D and Royalty 3D, which make you look like an animated child.

There is another attractive option in this application that is fixed in all modes and has a simulated image. You are in a frame in all three filters and your original photo. You can instantly share this composite image on social networks like Instagram and share with others the pleasure of watching your animated face.

But like any other app, Voila has its drawbacks. one of the weaknesses of the Voila application, which has been acknowledged by a wide range of users, is the lack of access to advanced settings for editing and applying changes to the simulated image and the result. For example, when a photo or image is artificially simulated to your desired filter, it is not possible to edit and move the location of the eyes, lips, mouth, and hair. Even users' access to light editing and image contrast is very limited.

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> the <b>Voila</b> application; <b>Become</b> a <b>cartoon</b> <b>with</b> <b>one</b> click!

Compared to similar apps, if you are curious to apply in-app modes and filters to your favorite celebrities, you do not need to do a Google search for their photos, and you can search for celebrity images in the app itself. So if you've always been curious to see famous actors and singers in the guise of Walt Disney princes and famous cartoon characters, the Voila app does it for you in the best possible way.

The Voila app is not completely free and paid It also has an application that allows you to access Peru for a fee; But the only difference between a Pro account and a regular one is that Pro users simply expect less image processing and are exempt from in-app ads. So if you use Voila app and do not have a special account, do not worry at all because you do not miss anything special.

Voila app is available for Android and iOS operating systems and you can download and install it from the following links Download from Google Play Download from App Store

Source: GSMArena

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