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Introducing the Vocabulary Flashcards IELTS application; Learn the essential vocabulary of IELTS

BingMag.com Introducing the Vocabulary Flashcards IELTS application; Learn the essential vocabulary of IELTS

As you know, the vocabulary in IELTS plays a very important and effective role in your acceptance because by knowing the meaning of different words you will be able to Improve your language skills amazingly; The IELTS Vocabulary Flashcards app will help you along the way.

If you are interested in learning a foreign language, you know for sure that there are four main sections in the IELTS exam and there is no separate section for vocabulary. But you need words for all four of these parts: Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Reading. Your high vocabulary allows you to be less stressed, more fluent, and express your ideas more easily and quickly. Obviously, about 80% of English is made up of words and phrases, and even if you are not fluent in grammar, you can use sentences to form sentences and express your meaning.

BingMag.com Introducing the Vocabulary Flashcards IELTS application; Learn the essential vocabulary of IELTS

Vocabulary Flashcards IELTS application, with more than 500,000 users, with its extraordinary performance has been able to score 4.7 on Google Play and 4.8 on the app Dedicate to the store. The above application with its easy user interface and many capabilities, such as 600 essential English words designed by an IELTS test expert, prepares you for this very important test. This application tells you the role of the word, gives you synonyms and gives you examples with words so that the meaning of the word and its use fit you in the best possible way. Surface helps because it contains several different sections and levels. The first part is Common Words, which contains IELTS essential words and helps you a lot, especially in writing. The second part is dedicated to Easy Words, which is designed for beginners in IELTS. The third section contains Medium Words, which are divided into two sections; Medium Words 2 and 3 (Medium Words 2,3). In the next step, you will have Hard Words with three different subcategories and finally Very Hard Words with two subcategories. In all these categories, you will be taught words with good exercises. .

BingMag.com Introducing the Vocabulary Flashcards IELTS application; Learn the essential vocabulary of IELTS

The words in the subcategories are much harder than their main part, and little by little you Prepare to go to the next step. The green option (I knew this word) means that you already knew the meaning of the specified word, and the red option means that you do not know the meaning of the word. In this part, the words that you do not know will be reviewed between new words for you again, and this will make it easier for you to memorize the same word by seeing it again and again.

In your personal experience of this application, a series of I encountered positive points and weaknesses. One of the biggest drawbacks of using this app is that it is completely different from a face-to-face conversation class and you do not taste the sweetness of talking to your friends and teacher. But in terms of cost compared to face-to-face classes, it is much cheaper. In addition, we must remember that one of the most effective ways to memorize words is to see words in sentences and memorize them by example. That's why the Vocabulary Flashcards IELTS app has an example of what each word means, whether you know it or not, that helps you learn better.

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