Introducing 5 Persian dictionary applications and websites

Have you ever had trouble figuring out the meaning of a word? Or do you want to find multiple meanings of a particular word but don't have the necessary tools to do so? Stay with us in this article because we are going to introduce you to several top Persian dictionary applications and services. Introducing 5 Persian dictionary applications and websites

Have you ever had trouble figuring out the meaning of a word? Or do you want to find multiple meanings of a particular word but don't have the necessary tools to do so? Stay with us in this article because we are going to introduce you to several top Persian dictionary applications and services.

These days, we rarely see anyone using book dictionaries at home. Even if these dictionaries are at home, few people go to them because it is really difficult to find different words, especially if there are many of them, and it takes a lot of time from the user. Online dictionaries are faster and more up-to-date. That is, if the word gets any change, online dictionaries will quickly add that change, while with your book you will have a fixed process. Use a book Persian dictionary every day. Most of us users, due to the growth of technology and online communication in the last few years, solve a large part of our needs using online applications and services. So maybe at the time of writing this article, a large part of users are familiar with Persian dictionary services and applications. But always knowing about the existence of a series of services or applications does not mean that you have the best available. go again Here we must say that a good application, which in this article specifically means the word finder, can provide you with many more features and capabilities and in fact give you tools and features that you did not know existed before. As a result, you can do your work faster and more efficiently. As a result, it is suggested that you join us to introduce some of the best Persian dictionary applications and websites to you, which include: /li>

  • Table finder
  • Abadis
  • (note that there are many more Persian dictionary services are available, but with these items you will meet all your needs).

    1. Persian Word Finder Dictionary Introducing 5 Persian dictionary applications and websites

    The first service in this list is considered the best of its kind. This service, which is available both as an application and online, is a completely Iranian service whose design team is made up of Iranian teenagers and young people. In this service, you will not only have access to one dictionary, but to more than 20 different dictionaries. That is, when you search for the meaning of a word, the service uses the power of 23 different dictionaries to display its meaning for you so that even the smallest details are not missed.

    Among the features of this service It is possible to benefit from Dehkhoda dictionary, Moin Persian dictionary, Omid, synonyms and antonyms, Farhangistan approved words, slang terms, dictionary of names, Quran vocabulary, etc., different dialects including Isfahani, Tehrani, Mazni, Dezfuli, Gonabadi, Bakhtiari and Among the dictionaries, we can mention English to Persian and vice versa, Arabic to Persian and vice versa. In this way, when you search for a word, we can almost say that there is nothing that will be missed. By becoming a member, they can access a series of additional features. This service is a subscription and not a one-time payment. In this way, by paying 25 thousand Tomans every month, every season by paying 75 thousand Tomans and every year by paying 300 thousand Tomans, you can access functions such as the ability to search for a word in dictionaries and poems of poets, a word book to record words with unlimited capacity. You can view the meaning by double-clicking on the word, remove the ad from the site and view the searches of the last year.

    In order to let you know how this powerful search engine works, we wanted an example of a word and its meanings. Put it differently in the form of an image, but the meanings obtained were so many that it does not fit in the form of an image. More interestingly, for the word "Hello", along with more than a dozen different meanings and information, 723 data for special users were also displayed. So it seems that you have well understood the high quality and power of this search engine.

    Word search service

    2. Lam Ta Kam Persian Dictionary Introducing 5 Persian dictionary applications and websites

    Lam Ta Kam is also an excellent and very interesting online service to find meanings It is words. Since the word finders do a single task, we will not go into much detail in this regard, because it is clear that with this service you can find the meanings of all the words that you want to find But what distinguishes this word search service from other similar examples is that it uses a series of interesting entries such as Pahlavi, abbreviations and even folk culture. It seems that you have a close friend whose knowledge of the meanings and history of words is very high and without worrying about anything, he will tell you the correct meaning of a word. For example, when I looked up the word "cow" in this dictionary, one of the many slang uses of this word was the word "bullfighting" which means collusion. There is even an example that you can find the usage of that word in practice.

    Lam Ta Kam does not have a paid version and displays all the information for free. Maybe in some cases, its quality and breadth is not as good as the word finder, but it gives you so much interesting and sometimes funny information that if you can solve all your needs with this word finder, you will never go to another word finder.

    Word finder Lam to the palate

    3. Table Finder Introducing 5 Persian dictionary applications and websites

    Table Finder, as its name suggests, is mostly useful for when you solve a table and A series of questions remain. This dictionary is designed to help those who don't want to leave a house of tables empty. It gives you so many meanings that you can definitely fill the empty houses and be happy. There are even online tables in different categories in this application so that you can entertain yourself.

    But this is not the whole story. The table finder may have a limited name, but its capabilities are not limited to the one mentioned above. In this dictionary, you can not only find synonyms so that you can use them in the table, but also able to find similar words, the equivalent of that word in German, Italian, Arabic, English, and Turkish, their vernacular equivalent, dialect As I am personally from this province, I can say that in many cases it provides a completely correct equivalent for a series of words and it is even an interpretation of dreams. This means that you can search for a word and, in addition to getting the meaning of that word, see what it means in a dream.

    It cannot be said that the table finder is weaker than the two word finders above. By the way, it is not only weaker, but it appears more equipped and powerful in a series of sectors. Therefore, if you want to have your own and comprehensive word finder service that, in addition to providing word meanings, also helps you in solving the table and dream interpretation, you can open a special account on the word finder.

    Table finder word finder

    4. Abadis Farsi Dictionary Introducing 5 Persian dictionary applications and websites

    We come to the last word finder in this list, which actually has a dictionary to It counts. Personally, I have been using this dictionary for many years to do things related to the English language, and I can say that I am satisfied with its performance. In this dictionary, you can find both Persian and English and Arabic meanings of words. The remarkable thing about this word finder is that you can find a series of specialized words and terms in fields such as electricity and electronics, civil engineering and architecture, computer, etc.

    Abadis from a series of It also uses famous dictionaries such as Dehkhoda, Farsi and Moin, so that if you are looking for a Persian word and its meaning or synonym, you can access them without any problem. One of the good features of this word finder is that it pronounces English words in both English and American accents so that you can learn how to pronounce them. If you are a language student or you are dealing with the English language, Abadis, which even has an extension for popular browsers, can be a very good choice for you. do and you don't see it in the list above, please share its name with us in the comments section. We hope that with these 4 good and powerful services, you can take care of your needs in the field of finding the meanings of words.

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