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Introducing the Memrise app; Easy and professional learning of foreign languages

BingMag.com Introducing the Memrise app; Easy and professional learning of foreign languages

In this article, we introduce the Memrise app, which has become very popular among users due to its excellent performance in learning foreign languages./p>

In today's world, the importance of communication is felt more than ever and has had a huge impact on the lives of different people. As it is now possible to communicate with different people from different cultures can be a guarantee of success in professional life. For this purpose, it is absolutely necessary to know different languages. In this regard, we decided to introduce you to an application that has a unique performance in learning not only English but also many foreign languages and can help you achieve your goal.

If If you are familiar with existing language learning applications or have used them to improve your quality in learning foreign languages, you have definitely heard the name Memrise for once, either through the introduction of different people or in Google searches. Because Memrise is one of the best and perhaps arguably the best application in this field, which with its various tools and applications can help you acquire language skills.

Over the last few years of use Language applications have grown a lot, and day by day many companies are trying to market good ones in this field, but Memrise not only has a brilliant history, but after several years of entering the market, in front of the best and newest Language learning apps also have no particular drawbacks.

But keep in mind that an app can not necessarily turn you into a professional language user because you have to interact a lot with different people. Establish. This application will definitely help people with these conditions to become a professional user.

In this article, we will deal with the following sections:

  • Download Memrise application </</li>
  • Basic setup - check Memrise capabilities
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • strong> Supported platforms - Scores and user satisfaction

Download Memrise app

Memrise app can be downloaded in two ways. First, enter the Google Play Store and in the search field, enter the name of the application so that the store will display it for you. Unfortunately, this app does not seem to be available to some users. In fact, when you search for its name, you get the message "This item may not be available in your country". So they have to use other methods to download it.

The second method is to log in to Google and download the apk file directly. This way, you will no longer need to bypass the Play Store to download this application, and you can download and install the installation file on your phone without any hassle. Of course, you can also download the application by going to its official website, but this website will take you to the download page in Google Play, which was mentioned above, which unfortunately, for completely unknown reasons, for some users of this application in our country in Not available. Therefore, downloading the installation file is a safer and better way. For convenience, you can click on the link below to download the app for both iOS and Android.

In addition, desktop users can also use the web version of the app, which Here is the link.

Download the Memrise app from Google Play Download the Memrise app from the App Store Download the apr file of the Memrise app Using the web version of the Memrise app

Basic setup - Check the Memrise capabilities

After downloading and installing the application on the platform, it is time to launch it. In this section, as soon as you run the application, you will see the following page, which presents you with two options. The first option, "Get Started", which means getting started, is actually intended for those who have never used this application before, and this is the first time they are using it. The second option, "I have an account", also means "I have an account" for those who already have an active account in Memrise and want to use it again.

BingMag.com Introducing the Memrise app; Easy and professional learning of foreign languages

Assuming you do not have any user account in this application, we touch the first option, Get Started. In this step, as shown in the image below, you must select your first or native language in the box above and your learning language from the options displayed in the list below. Unfortunately, this application does not support Persian in any of its options, and users will be forced to choose a language that they are a little good at learning. Of course, you can choose another language as your native language, but try to master the language you choose a little, because the language of the application changes accordingly. In this review, we use French as our native language and American English as our target language.

BingMag.com Introducing the Memrise app; Easy and professional learning of foreign languages

Next To do this, we must determine what level we are at; Beginner means beginner and Intermediate means intermediate level. Set the level to beginner.

BingMag.com Introducing the Memrise app; Easy and professional learning of foreign languages

Next with a Google account, Facebook Or email, we register in the application and enter it. The first page of the application is as follows, by touching each option, you can get acquainted with the types and varieties of words and phrases in the target language. Of course, the application also writes the meaning and translation, considering your native language. That's why we said that it is better to put your mother tongue on an option that you have little control over, because otherwise it will be useless for you to use the application. Unless you know English and want to learn another language.

BingMag.com Introducing the Memrise app; Easy and professional learning of foreign languages

Strengths and Weaknesses

The strengths of the Memrise app are many, and if we want to examine them all one by one, it is definitely beyond the scope of the text. But in a very brief way, it can be said that with the help of this application, you will be able to get acquainted with and learn several living languages of the world, different words and sentences, both at the ordinary level and at the beginner and professional level, and even for tests such as IELTS. Learn TOEFL and , chat with your friends and acquaintances, learn languages by video and audio, and more.

BingMag.com Introducing the Memrise app; Easy and professional learning of foreign languages

Of course, not all of these features are available in the free version. For example, in order to access all Memrise training courses, you must purchase a paid version that is available as a subscription rather than a one-step payment. But by paying a certain amount periodically, you can access features such as all language courses, more than 30,000 different clips of native people, synchronize accounts on different platforms, and download all training courses for offline learning. Also, no ads will be displayed for you in the paid version so that your learning process will not be different. It should be noted that in training courses, this application also supports Persian language. In addition, there are a number of items to buy that cost from 1 to more than $ 100.

One of the weaknesses of this application is that it does not support Persian language in the main menu. The app mentioned ads in the free version, duplication of exercises (sometimes) and as a result being boring if used for a long time, the app focusing too much on vocabulary learning and poorly designed web version.

Supported platforms - Scores and user satisfaction

Despite the weaknesses mentioned, Memrise is available for use on almost all popular platforms in the world and has many users and enthusiasts. The app is currently available for download on iOS, Android and the web version, with links to each of these platforms at the beginning of the text. Information about this application on different platforms plus user satisfaction can be seen below.

Memrise app information on Google Play

  • Score: 4.6 li>
  • Number of registered comments: 183,000
  • Number of downloads: more than 10 million times
  • Size: 26 MB
  • Operating system support Android: 6.0 and up
  • In-app cost: from $ 0.99 to $ 120 per item
  • Last update: November 18, 2021

Memrise App Information in AppStore

  • Score: 4.8
  • Number of Comments Submitted: 1,428,342
  • Download: Unknown
  • Size: 264.3 MB
  • Support for iOS: 12.0 and up
  • Support for iPadOS: 12.0 Up
  • iPad Touch Support: Version 12.0 and up
  • In-app cost: $ 3 to $ 140 per item
  • Last Update : Unknown

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