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Introducing the LightCut application; Smart and free video editor

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> the <b>LightCut</b> <b>application;</b> <b>Smart</b> and <b>free</b> <b>video</b> editor

How many mobile video editors do you know that are completely free, show no ads at all, create automated video and meet almost all your expectations? You are probably saying that there is no such application. Personally, I had this idea before I tried the LightCut app, but this professional editor was able to change all my imagination. LightCut is the video editor you've always been looking for.

If I had to describe this app to you, I would say you have a mix of InShot, Adobe Premiere Rush, and Quik; A video editor that, thanks to its artificial intelligence, has the ability to make one-touch clips, as well as a complete timeline so you can do everything manually. Let's start by explaining the features of the app by making a clip with artificial intelligence, a section known in the app as One-tap-edit.

By entering this section, LightCut will tell you Recommends that you select at least 6 videos. The goal is to combine these videos and get a beautiful, musical mix, with the advantage that the choice of video format is entirely up to you. In other words, you can choose from the many templates or ready-made templates available in the application, the one that most suits the mood of your video.

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> the <b>LightCut</b> <b>application;</b> <b>Smart</b> and <b>free</b> <b>video</b> editor

Fortunately, LightCut leaves you free to choose, and like the Quik GoPro app, it is not limited to sports templates; There are ready-made templates for action, sad, romantic, soothing and , depending on the video space, you can choose one of them. The great thing is that after selecting the format and receiving the video, you can also edit individual components. Of course, one thing should not be overlooked is that LightCut AI changes scenes based on the rhythm of the music. So while ready-made templates come in handy, you'll probably prefer to manually scroll through your videos before getting the final output. The simple, black background of the app allows you to be completely focused on your work, and minimalism is well established in the arrangement of the icons so that you can easily access the features you want. We mentioned above the possibility of manually editing videos. Just hit the New Project button in the LightCut main menu to get zero to 100 video edits. They are placed on it in the form of separate lines. For editing, you have almost every feature you can think of: image ratio adjustment, cropping tools, filter types, the ability to add audio files, color, brightness and contrast settings, and all give you complete control over the video.

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> the <b>LightCut</b> <b>application;</b> <b>Smart</b> and <b>free</b> <b>video</b> editor

Of course, you will also see some shortcomings in the application features. For example, in the iOS version, it is not possible to add music from the file manager (App Files), and in both iOS and Android versions, you do not have the ability to chrome (cinema green screen). But instead, these shortcomings are offset by two features, Speed Ramp and Slow Motion, which provide spectacular effects for slow-motion videos or placing them at high speeds.

Another good option should not be missed. Font: Inspire Cam mode that lets you shoot cinematic videos. In this section, you can try different shooting modes to make your output look like a movie. Although you should not expect a miracle from this episode, the presence of such an option, which is completely free in LightCut, is really admirable.

LightCut video editor has been released for Android and iOS and is one of the few apps Is a video editing that is free (and free of watermarks). Of course, this application is not perfect, and it takes a long time to process the outputs on Android phones (especially economic intermediaries), the templates are time-limited, and you can not get 4K outputs from the app.

But if the templates and effects are completely free, the outputs Without a watermark, consider almost complete video editing capabilities and parts of Inspire Cam and One-tap-edit, you may be able to overlook the weaknesses of the LightCut app. In general, we recommend downloading and using this application to all video editors, Instagram admins and those interested in making movie clips.

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> the <b>LightCut</b> <b>application;</b> <b>Smart</b> and <b>free</b> <b>video</b> editor

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> the <b>LightCut</b> <b>application;</b> <b>Smart</b> and <b>free</b> <b>video</b> editor

Source: Engadget

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