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Introducing the Home Workout application; Exercise at home without equipment

BingMag.com Introducing the Home Workout application; Exercise at home without equipment

With the onset of coronary heart disease, exercise at home is one of the best decisions that can be made for the health of the body. In this regard, we want to introduce you to the Home Workout - No Equipment app so you can start your new exercise routine.

As you know, inactivity and low levels of physical activity can have negative effects on health, well-being and Have a quality of life for people. Exercise helps reduce stress hormones such as cortisol and releases good hormones such as endorphins, which are invigorating. Contrary to many people's beliefs, going to the gym is not the only way to get a great workout. Exercise at home can be just as beneficial. Although the gym provides you with a larger space and more professional equipment, exercising at home can also be very helpful as it usually relaxes you first and then starts building muscle.

So maybe a little process Conclusion is time consuming, which is definitely worth it in the long run, considering the cost. There are other benefits to exercising at home. You will be able to exercise whenever you want and you will not have to travel or travel, which makes it much easier for you.

BingMag.com Introducing the Home Workout application; Exercise at home without equipment

What is supposed to help you achieve this goal is Work Home Workout - No Equipment app. An application with excellent exercises for the abdomen, chest, upper thighs and legs, all of which have been designed and completed by sports experts. For this reason, exercising at home will make it a much more enjoyable and easier process.

In this application, exercises related to body warm-up and stretching exercises are designed in such a way that your body is prepared in the best possible way. . Training gifs, which are one of the great features of the Home Workout - No Equipment app, also help you exercise more confidently and properly so that your body is not harmed and at the same time get the most out of it.

This The app also uses a timer to help you stay fully focused on your time while you work. In addition, among all the exercises, by default, there is about 20 seconds of rest time, which you can adjust to different times. Another positive feature of this app is that in addition to a great muscle building program, you also have a strength training course.

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BingMag.com Introducing the Home Workout application; Exercise at home without equipment

Other positive features of Home Workout - No Equipment , Is that with comprehensive exercises of the full body section, you can burn fat, burn calories and get the best results. In the reports section of this application, you will see all the exercises performed along with the duration of them and your calories burned. In the calendar section you will also be able to see all the days during which you have been active. Below the calendar, the type of exercise performed and the duration of the exercise are displayed. On the main page, there are exercises specific to different areas of the body such as chest, abdomen, arms, legs and shoulders, which are divided into beginner, introductory and advanced categories.

Of course, this application is not without flaws. As the author of this article and a user interested in this application, in my one-month experience of using it, I also encountered a series of weaknesses, the most important of which was the music gap that was strongly felt; Although this can be fixed, it would be great if the app supported music by default. The next thing that can be mentioned is that some training gifs do not show the desired exercise as they should, and if you are a beginner, the error rate in doing that activity may increase.

These can not really point to another specific and important problem that affects the user experience. Therefore, it can be concluded that if you need a professional app for exercising and do not want to spend your valuable time commuting to the club, be sure to use the Home Workout - No Equipment app once.

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