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Introducing the Canva: Graphic Design application; Professional logo and banner designer

BingMag.com Introducing the Canva: Graphic Design application; Professional logo and banner designer

Canva: Graphic Design & Video application is one of the best applications in the field of logo and banner design that helps you without spending a lot of money. And in a very short time, become a professional graphic designer. In the following, we will review this application.

As you know, designing a poster, logo, banner or requires graphic knowledge, new and attractive ideas and a lot of creativity. but do not worry; Canva paves the way for you to become a professional designer. With its countless graphic designs, Conva's application has made it very easy for users, especially those who need a special style and template for their profession.

By simply entering this application with thousands of templates You will be attractive with different designs and all you have to do is choose the template you want. You will also be able to add text to your photos, work with a variety of fonts and tools, and you can also create postcards and invitation cards and enjoy.

BingMag.com Introducing the Canva: Graphic Design application; Professional logo and banner designer

One of the positive features of Canva: Graphic Design & Video is that it is very easy to work with, unlike Photoshop, and enables you to get the best out of it in no time. Get the result. After selecting the desired design and executing it on your desired photo or video, it is also possible to directly share your desired post or story in various social applications such as Instagram; Create different quotes with your favorite background, compose a poem and design an Instagram cover with your favorite font.

In addition to the above, you can create a collage. A collage is a collection of photos that are put together to create a single photo. This way you can put more than one photo together in one frame and give a beautiful effect to your image. (An option for this feature is available in one of the sub-categories of the Element section in the application menu.)

BingMag.com Introducing the Canva: Graphic Design application; Professional logo and banner designer Canva application for Students and teachers are very practical and useful because by using various and entertaining effects and designs, an exciting and motivating class can be provided, and learning can be enhanced. With the various filters that this application provides you, you can edit the images in the most beautiful way possible and achieve the desired result. Regarding the special editing capabilities of this application, it can be said that it is very unlikely that you will not achieve what you want in the end.

This application currently has more than 30 million monthly active users in 190 countries and a score of 4 7.7 on Google Play and 4.9 on the App Store. The Canva: Graphic Design & Video app makes design amazingly simple and fun! Therefore, it is recommended that you install it, create stunning designs with your photos and videos, and enjoy.

In my one-year experience with this application for generating content and creating stories for Instagram, I can say Easy and uncomplicated user interface, all kinds of filters and different designs, high speed without lag or slowness, which ultimately saved time, are among the best features of this application.

Therefore To become a professional designer in the shortest time, we suggest that you install the Canva: Graphic Design & Video application once and enjoy working with it.

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