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The intricate process of installing the James Webb Telescope solar shield into space began

BingMag.com The <b>intricate</b> <b>process</b> of <b>installing</b> the <b>James</b> <b>Webb</b> <b>Telescope</b> <b>solar</b> <b>shield</b> <b>into</b> <b>space</b> began

An hour ago, the James Webb space Telescope mission operations team deployed the first of two pallet structures, the most unpredictable and in many ways the most complex part of the Web Telescope. , That is, holds the sun shield, confirmed, and thus began a process of several days for the full installation of the sunshade.

These structures, called integrated pallet structures (UPS) front and rear, have five shells. Sunscreens come with cables, pulleys, and opening mechanisms that make up the web heat shield. The mission team completed the deployment of the front pallet at around 13:21 Eastern time zone (21:51 Tehran time). The process began four hours earlier, and by the end of it, the team is now planning and scheduling the rear pallet deployment. Only one of them was the placement of the actuator motor to move the pallet from the folded position to the open position. The lowering of the front pallet is also the first time the structure has moved since the final opening test and retraction at Northrop Gramman space Park in Redundo Beach, California. It was the case that the pallets became warmer and the release devices in this section were activated before moving, and the various electronics and software were well configured before the pallet operator motor was activated.

The installation of pallet structures begins a longer process that will take at least another five days for the full sun to set. Successful completion of this operation ultimately determines the mission's ability to succeed. If the solar shield is not properly positioned to keep the Telescope and James Webb tools in place, the Telescope will not be able to see the world as it was designed to.

Today, as the base of the main mirror tower rises, it will be sunny, following the release of the sunscreen, the opening of the center beams, and finally the five-layer stretch of its ">

Given that the installation The canopy will be one of the most challenging space deployment processes among NASA spacecraft to date. p>

  • Where is the James Webb space Telescope right now? Web
    Credit: NASA

Source: NASA

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