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Intermassive black holes grow by continuously swallowing the stars of dense clusters

Scientists have discovered that interstellar black holes can form through the process of merging with growing stars inside dense star clusters. >

The universe is very complex and amazing. In a new example, NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has found medium-mass black holes that grow as thousands of stars separate and consume in more than a dozen galaxies. Findings show that massive black holes can form at any time in the history of the universe.

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In this scientific study, published in the Atrophysical Journal on April 20, a collection of 108 galaxies identified 29 galaxies with strong X-ray signals from clusters. Nuclear stars, which are the most populous clusters at the center of many smaller and medium-sized galaxies, originate. In fact, the falling gas to be consumed forms a spiral accretion disk around the black hole, and the friction in the disk causes the gas to heat up to millions of degrees and emit X-rays.

Vivienne Baldassare of Washington State University concluded that nuclear star clusters could be the birthplace of interstellar black holes (IMBHs).

Or by a massive star that explodes as a supernova, forming a mass-star black hole. The black hole then acts as the primary seed for a medium-mass black hole (IMBH) to form a massive mass through "volatile growth" that crushes and consumes neighboring stars.

BingMag.com <b>Intermassive</b> <b>black</b> <b>holes</b> <b>grow</b> by <b>continuously</b> <b>swallowing</b> the <b>stars</b> of <b>dense</b> clusters

Hubble image of a galaxy with a medium-mass black hole
Credit: X- ray: NASA/CXC/Washington State Univ./V. Baldassare et al .; Optical: NASA/ESA/STScI

Baldasar said: "Many theories for the formation of this type of black hole rely on conditions that are only found early in the world. "But we wanted to test another theory that says they could even form in these really dense star clusters throughout the life of the universe."

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    The results show that if the difference in velocities of different stars in the cluster is more than a certain value, they can create such conditions. These conditions lead to the gravitational decay of clusters, and stars and stellar mass black holes sink into the center, forming an integration process that then evaporates to form a medium-mass black hole.

    According to space telescope data Chandra's clusters of nuclear stars, which meet this criterion of stellar velocity differences, are twice as likely as other clusters to host medium-mass black holes, and thus supports this theory.

    Galaxy Way Our Milky Way has a very massive black hole and a cluster of nuclear stars, but it is not yet clear whether there is a connection between the two. On a larger scale, the question of whether medium-mass black holes are related to macro-mass black holes remains unanswered.

    • Scientists Discovery Cover photo: Graphic design of the spaghetti process of a star by a nearby black hole
      Credit: ESA/Hubble, M. Kornmesser

Source: Space

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