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Intel Unveils Twelfth Generation of Desktop, Mobile and Arc Processors

BingMag.com <b>Intel</b> <b>Unveils</b> <b>Twelfth</b> <b>Generation</b> of <b>Desktop,</b> <b>Mobile</b> and <b>Arc</b> Processors

Intel today unveiled its Twelfth Generation processors at CES 2022. Intel demonstrates its computing and processing capabilities with this Generation of processors, especially with the new Core i9 12900HK Mobile processors. The company cites the new Core i9 12900HK Mobile processors as the fastest Mobile processors in history. Intel has introduced several new products for desktops, Mobile phones and laptops, under various series and watts, all based on the 7-nanometer manufacturing process. We also saw the introduction of the Arc graphics processor at the show.

The Twelfth Generation of Intel Mobile processors

BingMag.com <b>Intel</b> <b>Unveils</b> <b>Twelfth</b> <b>Generation</b> of <b>Desktop,</b> <b>Mobile</b> and <b>Arc</b> Processors

Intel introduced some of the 12th Generation desktop processors a few weeks ago. Today, however, the company is focusing on unveiling twelfth-generation Mobile processors. Intel's Twelfth Generation Mobile processors have three levels; 45 watt H series for gamers, 28 watt P series for users who do not do heavy work with their smartphone and 15 watt and 9 watt U series suitable for all users. The H-Series is the same processor that Intel unveiled today. CES is used. Intel also says that it currently has the most powerful smartphone processor, which will not lose its title any time soon, given the products offered by AMD. The H Series also features the latest Intel technology, including Thunderbolt 4, Wi-Fi 6E, and Intel Deep Link Technology. 31/15747-3.jpg ">

New Alder Lake or 12th Generation Intel processors for desktops were also introduced. The company also unveiled its new Stoke Laminar air conditioners. These products will be available in three models: Laminar RH1 for i9 chips, Laminar RM1 for i7, i5 and i3 chips, and Laminar RS1 for Pentium and Celeron processors. Intel Alder Lake processors were introduced in higher numbers for desktops, which is the most powerful series of processors of this company, i9 series with 16 core models that have 202 watts of turbo mode power. In addition, new i7, i5 and i3 processors are on this list. Intel has introduced a new series of 600 chipsets to accompany these processors.

Intel Arc GPU

BingMag.com <b>Intel</b> <b>Unveils</b> <b>Twelfth</b> <b>Generation</b> of <b>Desktop,</b> <b>Mobile</b> and <b>Arc</b> Processors

Intel also unveiled its long-rumored GPU called Arc. Formerly known as Alchemist, Arc will use more than 50 new smartphones and desktops from major companies such as Dell, Samsung, GIGABYTE, Asus and others.

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