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Intel has unveiled its 12th generation processors called the Alder Lake

BingMag.com Intel has unveiled its 12th generation processors called the Alder Lake

Finally, after a long wait, 12th generation Intel processors named Alder Lake were unveiled. Processors are said to be the beginning of a return to Intel's heyday. But after a while, AMD was able to take over the market with its more powerful and cheaper processors. AMD's progress in the production of desktop processors went so far that the company is now higher than Intel in terms of lithography, but nevertheless Intel was able to retain its users due to its high popularity among users, especially gamers./p>

But you could clearly feel the emptiness of a series of powerful chips. Intel's 10th and 11th generation processors were really powerful, but Intel needed something more than that to compete with AMD and its incredibly valuable processors. It so happened that today the company unveiled its 12th generation processors called Alder Lake. At the top of the list is the Core i9-12900K, which Intel claims is the world's best gaming processor.

There were new processors, and at the July event, Engineer shared more information about them with users. But today we officially saw the unveiling of these processors, so we will definitely have access to more information and details about them.

Intel started its work in this generation with three processor models. The first and most powerful processor is the Core i9-12900K, which uses 16 hardware cores and 24 strings. The interesting thing about the main cores of this processor is that eight cores are of the P type and very powerful, and the other eight ohm cores are of the E type and are less energy consuming. The core frequency of this processor reaches an astonishing 5.2 GHz, which, of course, is achieved thanks to Intel's Turbo Boost Max 3.0 technology. According to Intel, the performance of this chip is about 19% better than its counterpart from the 11th generation, which is also due to its new powerful 8-core.

We also see an i7 series model. The name of this processor is Core i7-12700K, which uses a total of 12 cores and 20 strings. Eight of these 12 cores are P-type and powerful, and four of them are low-consumption, ie E-series. The latest model is the Core i5-12700K, which uses 10 cores and 16 strings. Among them, 6 cores are P type and 4 cores are E type. This processor is designed for those users who do not need much high processing power and at the same time want to have a fast system to handle all kinds of tasks.

BingMag.com Intel has unveiled its 12th generation processors called the Alder Lake

Intel will also launch all three of these processors in the KF model. This means that the company's new processors are available in a model with the possibility of overclocking (frequency increase) and without a GPU, so that those users who use a separate GPU in their system, an additional amount to buy a model equipped with GPUs. Do not pay.

All of the processors Intel introduced in this generation support advanced standards that most motherboards today cannot. These include 20-way PCIe (16-way PCIe 5.0 and 4-way PCIe 4.0), support for 4800MHz DDR5 RAM, 3200MHz DDR4 RAM, and Level 2 and 3 cache More mentioned.

Processor Name Number of Cores (Powerful P/Low E) Number of Strings Frequency (Powerful Core) P/low-power core E) Boost frequency (powerful core P/low-power core E) Frequency with turbo boost Max 3.0 smart cache (level Third) Basic energy consumption Maximum energy consumption Internal graphics Offer price Core i9 -12900K 16 (8P/8E) 24 3.2/2.4 GHz 5.1/3 .9 GHz 5.2 GHz 30 MB 125 watts 241 watts Intel UHD Graphics 770 $ 589 Core i9-12900KF 16 (8P/8E) 24 3. 2/2.4 GHz 5.1/3.9 GHz 5.2 GHz 30 MB 125 watts 241 watts not available $ 564 Core i7-12700K 12 (8P/4E) 20 3.6/2.7 GHz 4.9/3.8 GHz 5.0 GHz < 25 MB 125 watts 190 watts Intel UHD Graphics 750 $ 409 Core i7-12700KF 12 (8P/4E) 20 3.6/2.7 GHz 4.9/3.8 GHz 5.2 GHz 25 MB 125 watts 190 watts No $ 384 Core i5-12600K 10 (6P/4E) 16 3.7/3.8 GHz 4 .9/3.6 GHz Unspecified 20 MB 125 watts 150 watts Intel UHD Graphics 750 $ 289 Core i5-12600KF 10 (6P/4E) 16 strong> 3.7/3.8 GHz 4.9/3.6 GHz Unspecified 20 MB 125 watts 150 watts does not $ 264

As mentioned, many motherboards do not support these processors and should Create new boards to take advantage of them. Intel 12th generation processors require motherboards with the Intel Z690 chipset to run, which is brand new, and features such as Wi-Fi 6E, support for the USB 3.2 standard with higher data transfer speeds, and the like. The processor socket is also LGA 1700 so it looks like you will need new coolers to cool it as many of today's coolers do not support this new socket.

BingMag.com Intel has unveiled its 12th generation processors called the Alder Lake

Intel also paid special attention to Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 11, with these processors. The company also mentioned at the launch of its new chips that it worked well with Microsoft to create a great compatibility between the processor and Windows 11. With the optimization of the Thread Director software, Intel chips can now make better use of strings or sub-cores to do things in Windows 11. Of course, we can not rely on claims, and we must wait for further studies to see how these processors will perform in isolation and compared to the representatives of AMD and Apple, which maneuvered on the power of its M1 Max chip.

Every year, Intel launches its processors as new generation processors. Even if there is not really much difference between them. But considering the information we have now about these new processors, we have to say that the 12th generation really deserves this title, because in recent years we have not seen such a difference in the performance of the company's two-generation processors that now exists between the 11th and 12th generations.

But that's not the whole story. Intel 12th generation processors are the first processors to move away from the 14-nanometer lithography that the company has long used in the production of its chips (since 2015 with the introduction of Skyline processors) and are produced with 10-nanometer lithography called Intel 7. Interestingly, Intel used the number 7 to denote this process, while the chips of this generation were produced with 10-nanometer lithography. This may be Intel's move to lead users to the number 7 and the idea of using new technology in new Intel processors.

ARM has been around for years and has been very successful. Among these successes are Apple's M-Series chips, which are extremely powerful in both processing and graphics. Instead of using several high-power, high-power cores in its processors, Intel has now decided to divide them into high-power (Core-sized) and low-power (Atom-sized) in order to balance energy consumption. And reach processing power. It remains to be seen what performance we will see in practice as a result of this new policy. . The Alder Lake series, however, have extremely high processing power, and it is clear that Intel has designed them for professional users. That's why the two-part design can be better used here.

The 12th generation of Intel Alder Lake processors give Intel a chance that the company can perform well in the next generation. 11 Compensate. If you remember, in the previous generation, Intel had to use 14-nanometer technology instead of 10-nanometer, because in the middle of the project, it had a problem using 10-nanometer lithography and had to switch to 14-nanometer technology again. As a result of the difference between the two manufacturing technologies, Intel was forced to use fewer cores in its 11th generation processors than in the 10th generation. They have poor performance compared to their previous generation. According to a detailed review by the Anandtech website, we found that the performance of Intel's 11th generation processors in multitasking not only did not improve much compared to before, but in some cases, such as gaming, they appeared even weaker. All of this came at a time when 11th-generation processors were hotter and more fuel-intensive in all tests. Is. According to claims made at the unveiling of the 12th generation Alder Lake processors, it seems that Intel for hybrid models of this generation, which includes mobile processors (with 6 powerful cores and 8 low-power cores) or chips for very low-power laptops (2 powerful cores and 8 cores) ) Has a special program in mind. It remains to be seen what more news will be released in the coming days or weeks.

Do you think Intel can overtake Apple's new M-Series chips or AMD's incredibly valuable processors with this generation? It should be noted that users can pre-purchase new Intel processors from today, but will officially have access to these processors on November 4.

Source: The Verge

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