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Intel CEO Says He Knows How to Get Apple to Buy Chips Again

BingMag.com Intel CEO Says He Knows How to Get Apple to Buy Chips Again

Intel CEO Pat Glesinger claims in his latest speech that he knows how to persuade Apple to buy its chips again.

Since last year, Apple has decided to use the M series chip instead of Intel chips in its products. The M Series chips are very powerful, and considering last night when the M1 Pro and M1 Max models were unveiled, we can say that three M Series chips have been introduced so far. One of them is the M1 chip based on the ARM architecture, produced by TSMC with 5-nanometer lithography with 16 billion transistors.

The M1 chip should be considered a more powerful version of the A15 used in the iPhone 13 series It is known, but this is not at all the case with the chips that were unveiled last night. Apple made some weird claims last night. The company believes that the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips can even surpass the i7 processor used in last year's Macs. So there does not seem to be any need for the US company to buy the chip from Intel, a third-party chip maker.

But Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has a completely different view. "Apple has come to the conclusion that it can produce better and more powerful chips than we do," he said in a recent interview. And you know, their work is great in that regard. So what we need to do is make chips that are more powerful than they can be. "I hope we can, like many other businesses, have Apple as our customer again over time."

As mentioned, Apple unveiled the new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips last night. Ultra-powerful chips used in the 14.2-inch and 16.2-inch MacBook Pro. Apple is confident in the processing power and graphics of these chips, and says that thanks to them, the balance between power and power consumption of the company's laptops is even greater than laptops that use i7 processors and separate graphics.>

The M1 Pro chip uses 10 processing cores and the GPU has 16 cores. The processor ultimately supports 32 GB of RAM, which one of the MacBook Pro models also uses this amount of RAM. The M1 Max, however, is a much more powerful chip with the same 10 processing cores but 32 graphics cores, which ultimately supports 64 GB of RAM, and by the way, this amount of RAM is also used in one of the MacBook Pro models.

Intel CEO still believes that he can attract Apple

Intel CEO Considering all this, he still believes that he can produce a chip that will persuade Apple to buy it. But as it seems, this is not possible at all unless Apple stops where it is and Intel moves forward. Because there are two things that can not be ignored at all. The shape may be responsive. Another thing to keep in mind is that with the production of proprietary chips, Apple creates a good balance between its hardware and software, and thus the performance of its products is transformed. The question now is whether Intel knows Apple products better than the company itself, which can produce chips compatible with their software? Or can Intel produce a chip that is technologically more advanced than TSMC produces for Apple? Of course, Pat Gelsinger also raised the possibility that one day Apple might decide to outsource its chips to Intel, but it seems unlikely that we will see this happen now.

Glsinger continued: Make sure what we produce is better than their products. That our ecosystem is wider and of better quality. That we can produce products that are more attractive and practical to developers and their users. Therefore, we must fight hard to be able to win the battle in this field. It should be noted that Intel is currently producing chips for companies such as Amazon and Qualcomm, but lost Apple as one of its major customers.

Asked if he was "disappointed" that his company would continue to be a chip maker for Apple in the future, Intel was asked, "I can never accept that one day Intel processors will be used in any product." Do not take. But more interesting is the fact that Intel recently mocked Apple on YouTube, and now the question is, can the company really have Apple as a big customer again? Gelsinger says this is not going to happen overnight, and it will take a lot of effort, and it may take years for Apple to choose Intel processors as the beating heart for its products.

Taking into account what happened at Apple's Unleashed event last night, and given the high power of the company's new processors, do you think Apple will really need Intel and its technology in the coming years?

Source: PhoneArena

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